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Women and Men Worldwide Cringe After Trump's Latest Sexist Behavior


"Ya know, Mrs. Trump, he's in such horrible physical shape. Disgusting! ...and the hair ...OMG!"


When he looks in the mirror he sees his mother, Mary; not his father, Christ.


T&A is what women are all about in the Donald's warped little world. Just a collection of parts assembled for him to admire, or not. Every time he meets a new woman it's like a personal little sex-slave auction goes off in his warped little brain. The man/boy is a pig, and a great representative of the misogynists who elected him.


That is sarcasm, right? Or are you really serious?


Or, shake his hand and say, "Marco Rubio was right about your hands."


Emphyrio, you are far too polite.

The Predator-in-Chief is a Fucking Asshole!


that was not a compliment and if you think it was then you are as crass as he is. if he had turned to me and said that about my wife i would have felt like punching his jowly, orange face. he disgusts anyone with any sense of decency or common courtesy...


how would trump even know those names? he's never read a book in his life...


Seriously nasty comments about looks intended to insult are childish for anyone to do, and most shameful coming from a political leader - the head of state.

Apart from the mean spirit it reflects a lack of focus on the job, the important issues the leader is elected to handle, and a total contempt for the nation his office represents.

In the interest of balance, no doubt the author, Julia Conley and Common Dreams have a parallel story brewing on the many ways Donald Trump's looks are the subject of insult.

Women especially, and men less generally, put a lot of energy into looking good/beautiful/healthy/sexy/whatever - you could say their indoctrinated by the magazine/Hollywood world that umbrella's major industries propagating profit and vanity.

Yes, but keep in mind, that tribal cultures prior to contact with European media, influence and good mirrors, they prized their looks with artistry and meaning - including sensuality.

To simply acknowledge another's good health and beauty, as in a compliment, is not objectifying them because noting these two personal aspects doesn't deminish other aspects worthy of praise one might have.

Compliments on good looks is a realitively easy and positive thing to do because it's immediately apparent - whereas other aspects may take some 'getting-to-know-you' and learned info.

Trump is old-boy rich-kid sexist.

He may well value women exclusively on shagability and grabability.

But his compliments to Ms Brigitte Macron and tangently to her husband, the French President, this is not supporting evidence - we can be thankful he stayed in control.

Painful as it is, perhaps, like a huge swath of still living Trumpophiles across the USA, the President is learning - and together their evolving the hard way or in any case, doomed for extinction.


Do you think that Trump was so rude to Merkel because he did not find her attractive?


In response, Brigitte Macron said, "Mr. Trump, you cannot grab my p***y."

Well, it's a nice thought.


Not for you to say.


Hadn't thought of that one, but it may be so. He IS one of the shallowest
humans on the planet. It's astounding that such a pig of a man can get away
with so much. All because he has money, what Amerikins love the most of
all. The Almighty Dollar. The Cheeto has tons of it, so everything else,
his misogyny, his conflict of interest mixing his business job with his
government job, his racist, xenophobic attitude, and total ignorance about
the real world don't even factor in. He's a rich asshole that tells the
world to F off, and that's to be admired. Narcissism is a national disease,
and Trump is the Narcissist in Chief.


I liked Rosie O'Donnell's response to Trump calling him "comb over bunny".


My father didn't like it when some guy would wolf whistle at an attractive woman walking down the street, so he would simply smile at them and 'keep them under surveillance' -- that way a man is being respectful while enjoying the scenery. :thinking::sunglasses:


Not to mention disgusting!


Trump actually looks and behaves the same way as about half of all Americans, generally crass ill mannered and self centered. The are indoctrinated to value patriotism above all else without realizing it is just a soft form of bigotry.


The sooner, the BETTER!


Well, he disgusts some of you, and it has nothing to do with you common courtesy. Ever since Nov 2016 some people are way off the rails cuz their candidate didn't win the elections. My advice is move on and focus on what's ahead.

as an aside, my wife is in top shape and neither of us mind when she gets a compliment on her form and fitness. Then again, we might be more old fashioned, i still hold doors for her and let her her walk ahead when we enter a building. She does not consider that male dominance.


Your wife looks awful. And why did she marry you?!