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'Women Are Very Special,' Says Trump, But Roy Moore 'Totally Denies It' and 'We Don't Need a Liberal Person in There'


'Women Are Very Special,' Says Trump, But Roy Moore 'Totally Denies It' and 'We Don't Need a Liberal Person in There'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Many viewed the president's comments as an endorsement of a candidate who has been accused by nearly ten women of sexual misconduct


When are the idiots going to get that this is not political - this is a human issue!


Once again, a totally disjointed, disconnected train of thought devoid of substance, rationale, and truth…quintessential DJT, demented dimwitted despot. The “special” part of women in his sick, twisted mind is when they fawn (cower, act servile and “sexy”) when he enters a room and then flatter him with empty BS. Not unlike all three wives…


Put this sick child with the IQ of a table lamp in his playpen, throw some blocks and toy soldiers in with him, take his iPhone away, and shut him the fuck up. Wrong on this, wrong on everything. Christ, have a heart attack already and get burning.


Orange Piggo just must have an opinion on everything. What the hell does he mean: “Women are very special”? Because they have grabbable pussies? I wish he’d SHUT UP.


It’s not just him - it’s even women who support him acting this way. Do they have drugs in their koolaid? This Kelly Ann Conjob was in a news brief the other night telling people to support Moore and that only liberals were against him! This is a human travesty.


And Pence calls his wife Mother and says that fetuses are to have special rights. This sounds like a cult!


Does have any works in his vocabulary with more than two syllables? Is flimflam one word? My autocorrect let is pass. Maybe Dr. Seuss could show him poetic license and he could achieve flimflammery (autocorrect also let that through). Wharton owes him his (daddy’s) money back…


Yes, that is a good one, and remember he said that he and his family had superior genes. What an embarrassment!


Sounds also like he is pandering to the dregs of his base again. What else do we expect? Man, Melon Head ( his wife) must put a bad over her head when she goes to bed with him!


Trump: “I can tell you for a fact that we don’t need somebody that’s gonna be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad with the military, bad on the Second Amendment.”

The way self-absorbed bullies talk: “I can tell you for a fact… my opinion.”


His base would rather have a pervert than a liberal - the ahats voted for him right? And what is this: They talk about Trump saying he allegedly assaulted women- didn’t he admit it on tape? Then he got elected anyway. So… Moore’s supporters will bank on that Who cares if he’s a pervert- at least he’s not a liberal! This country has gone insane and I do not have any hope for it.


Yes, “soft on crime” such as not willing to prosecute the sex predator Moore?


But KC makes big bucks shilling for the creep…gotta keep her kids in those posh and extremely expensive “country day schools” while filling bank accounts saving for their Ivy League edu-muh-kayshuns. No self-respect nor integrity…zero, zippo, zilch. The devil owns her lock, stock, and barrel. Her road map face is showing the ravages of all the prevaricating she has done.


As if the troubled tyrant even read Jones’ record…unless it was less than half a page with big, colorful pictures included… Moore’s record is reprehensible in all positions he has occupied.


Yep, the devil and her facelift. You’re right- maybe she’s buying their educations , and she’ll insist that they all have superior genes!


As for the “superior genes,”…too late.


We knew he was corrupt, but the depths to which he will sink are constantly being revealed, like peeling an onion. Yeah, women are special, and most of us see you for what you are, you repulsive sexist gross old toad.


Well, forget the genes- but maybe superior bank account. Thought about the line from Jerry Maguire- “Show me the money!”


Ah, but his depraved cabinet, supporters in government and his almighty base won;t budge.