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Women, Be Warned: Trump Just Nominated Radical Anti-Choice Activist to Key HHS Post


Women, Be Warned: Trump Just Nominated Radical Anti-Choice Activist to Key HHS Post

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Staying true to his "pledge to erode the constitutional right to abortion," President Donald Trump on Friday nominated leading anti-choice crusader Charmaine Yoest to a top post at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


From the photo of Yoest, it appears that the sex change "he" had to become a "she" was a waste of money...should have used the money for a new head, brain, and soul. This 'woman' has prostituted herself to anti-woman, anti-life groups (although calling themselves pro-life) and their fanatical evangelical Religious Right funders. She is yet another demon pulled up from the depths of hell to do unspeakable harm to women. (And she even thought this photo was flattering enough to be splashed in the news.)

So much for Ivanka's affirmation of her genetic donor being a "champion of women's rights."


C. Yoest served as vice president for the Family Research Council. Is that the same conservative Family Research Council that was co-founded by George Alan Rekers anti-gay activist who was (outed) by rentboy.com's male escort. that Rekers' hired for his trip to Europe. Yoest, Rekers, etc., how do people keep buying what they are selling?


Wondering how his undocumented Stepford wife Melania feels about this.


That was one scary movie. Melania is the quintessential Stepford Wife who will not break away because the money is too good...at least for now. A very messy divorce during the first year of DJT's reign of terror would be "poetic justice." I would bet the farm that she will never move into the WH. As it stands now, she only has to put on a show at Mar-A-Lago from time to time to please her check-writer.


a rabid mind filled with hatred of women. only a mind like that can think up so many ways to do direct harm to fellow citizens. KOCH supported hatred of others.


It would have been News if he HADN'T.


Useful pawn idiots for the party of STUPID Repubicans will keep buying no matter what.


The party of congenitally STUPID Republicans speaks!


The people who call themselves "pro-life" are false advertisers. They are pro-birth and that's what we should call them. They don't care what happens to a fetus after birth. Likewise, we need to reject the term pro-abortion. I know no one who advocates terminating every pregnancy -- that's what a pro-abortion person would do.

So I suggest we consistently use these two terms: pro-birth/anti-choice for the despicable reactionaries and pro-choice for progressives on this issue. We should also point out that God/nature does not guarantee that all conceptions result in a birth when left alone, lots of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) which actually reduces live birth of genetically abnormal babies.

That said, a medical termination of a normal fetus is not something to rejoice about (in my view), but necessary in many cases. IMO I would prefer contraception over abortion, but the option should remain legal. So, I want abortion to be legal, safe, and rare.