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Women Dressed as 'Handmaids' to Confront 'Vicious Theocrat' Mike Pence in Philadelphia Over His Anti-Choice Agenda


Women Dressed as 'Handmaids' to Confront 'Vicious Theocrat' Mike Pence in Philadelphia Over His Anti-Choice Agenda

Julia Conley, staff writer

Resisting the Trump-Pence administration's anti-choice and anti-woman agenda, dozens of woman dressed as handmaids from the novel and TV series "The Handmaid's Tale" are planning to greet Vice President Mike Pence when he arrives in Philadelphia on Monday for a GOP fundraiser.

The white bonnets and red dresses and capes worn by the protesters will mimic those of handmaids in Hulu's dramatic series and Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian novel, in which women are forced to give birth to the children of powerful men.


trump is a pathological liar, ignorant fool, and virulent extremist nutter - his danger to America and the world is very real! Every demographic has cause to fear (and loath) the pathology of this vindictive narcissist Angry Baby!

“Pence is one of the most dangerous reactionary figures in modern history” - Pence is an example why there was supposed to be a separation between church and state…the pathological madness of trump is at least equaled by “religious” extremism and mythology forced on people of all other beliefs and secular humanists…a threat that actively seeks the destruction of life on earth to bring the “second-coming” of their mythology…if that isn’t a threat to all, especially when mixed with secular government “for all”, nothing is!

If this doesn’t frighten you, you aren’t paying attention!

“Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump because they believe he’ll cause the world to end.
Many have questioned why devout evangelicals support Trump, a man who has bragged about sexual assault, lies perpetually and once admitted he never asks God for forgiveness. Trump’s lack of knowledge of the Bible is also well-known.
Nevertheless, many evangelical Christians believe that Trump was chosen by God to usher in a new era, a part of history called the “end times.” Beliefs about this time period differ, but it is broadly considered the end of the world, the time when Jesus returns to Earth and judges all people.”

“Religious” nutters and the mentally-challenged should NOT hold the lives of all others in their hands!


“Religious freedom” in the US has come to mean “Freedom to impose our beliefs on everybody else.”

How about a little “freedom FROM religion?”


And, I’ll say “amen” to that brother!!


Because I can only “heart” you once. “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart” “Heart”…

Thomas Jefferson ripped open the “New Testament” to reveal its intrinsic wisdom. Was he perfect? No. But better for having done the deed.


If you don’t realize that you will be forced to shoot these bastards to save our nation you are not paying attention.

Except “shoot” is a lame word. I’d prefer the Timothy McVeigh model of addressing the problem.


That, unfortunately, can only be had by nourishing the Tree Of Liberty with the blood of the theocracy and their supporters.


Mike Pence claims God-like authority for himself. I can only hope that the real McCoy will express his displeasure - physically.


Oh, here we go again. “Women are forced to give birth to the children of powerful men.”

No one is forcing women to do anything. No one is taking away your choice. You have the choice to say “NO” until you are married and want children. If you don’t want a child, do not have sex.

It is really that simple for the women.

For men…Houston…we have problem. There is a deep current of misogyny in this country which was started by the Playboy Philosophy and which says that women are just sex toys for men to enjoy. You see that at the highest levels of our government where we have seen reports of massive amounts of paedophilia and rape in our leadership. Bill Clinton rapes women and walks away. No one touches him. And where is the Liberal (Progressive) outrage at his behavior towards women? Oh, when it comes to women, Liberal men like Clinton and Harvey Goldstein and others get a pass because you think they stand for your values. When did your moral values include excusing a man who is guilty because he thinks the same way you do politically?

Women are to be respected, not used as prostitutes for the enjoyment of men, not burnt out by making pornographic movies so that horny immature teenage boys can get a thrill while the women in the films get diseases and die. There is a whole need for our government to come down hard on the pornography industry and shut it down, with severe punishments for those who try to make this garbage. There is a need to teach young men that in high school that they can restrain their passions, that unlike what Planned Parenthood teaches them, they won’t die if they don’t have sex every weekend.

In short, speaking as a man, this pornographic, over-sexed society of ours needs to be cleaned up.

So does that make me a “vicious theocrat” that I have seen first hand the problems that the over-sexualization of our country has caused and want to return to a sane morality?


You mean people who actually take the Christian faith seriously and believe that morality and the common good apply to everyone?

You hold your own life in your hands. What we object to is you holding the lives of women in your hands and then ruining them by lies like “your abortion will make you feel better about yourself,” or “it’s just a blob of tissue and not a baby.” We in the pro-life movement are hearing more and more women come forward to tell of how they were devastated by their abortion. Patricia O’Neal just came out with a statement that after the abortion she had, she cried herself to sleep for 30 years.

Moral behavior is that which positively affects the common good. Abortion does not do that. It kills children, desensitizes our society to violence because the baby is seen as a nothing to be disposed of (therefore, brown babies in Iraq are also nothings), and hurts (and sometimes kills women). It is destructive of the family and is racist (over 50% of abortions are done on black women - the KKK is green with envy over those numbers).

Government authorities are supposed to work for the common good. Unfortunately, neither side does so right now…from the lies that have kept us at war for almost 2 decades, starting with George Bush, to the lies that “it ain’t a baby,” that are hurting women…our government officials should legislate for the common good. Ending abortion is a start. Ending our love of war will be a good. So will helping the poor and ending corruption in our country at the highest levels.

BTW - you have had your “freedom from religion.” Between Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China, your freedom from religion killed almost 100 million innocent people. We know what freedom from religion is…it is tyranny.


takes two to tango, are the “men” going to go along with women saying no to sex?


this is what they are dealing with

The ironies abound the closer you look - only in Asterix
click captions


LOL Edward------but misogyny stories started in the Bible… I mean come on Lot’s daughters got him drunk since they thought the world was over for them. First recorded case of women getting a man drunk and forcing sex on a man, TWICE ( he had 2 daughters) and sex their own daddy too Whoza! See that’s misogyny!

However, let’s return to ancient Greece and the birthplace of the ideas of democracy-----and here we find Diogenes, living in a tub, and in past history the only FREE women in Greece to be educated and live their own lives, were the hetera … or educated call girl of the time… so the freest women in Greece weren’t listening to any man at all. Well Lais, the really expensive hetera was best buds with Diogenes, and she didn’t even charge him,so you just can’t tell , Edward, what the world is really supposed to be, because over the centuries things just go back and forth-----Maybe sometime in the 21st century, we can all hope ( at least the women will)
women will be respected and actually get equal protection of the laws and equal pay, and the respect that the word NO, really means :NO! : )

I found this in a really cool book called HOW to MELLIFY a CORPSE ---- because Alexander the Great really was embalmed with honey---- by Vicki Leon… It’s a really fun read! : )


Yes, the crazy thing about Pence-like people is that they are convinced and assured that they are anointed by god to carry out their apocalyptic vision. Scary as hell that these types have been normalized and promoted to positions of power. Brought to you by a book of unknown, various authors, written over thousands of years, that is now the litmus test of truth, world order and patriotism!
Everyone cheer yay yay yay while the horror unfolds!


I totally agree with you, as I said in my post. It is beyond time that the wretched Playboy Philosophy which began in the 1960’s, and regards women as nothing more than pieces of meat, is scrapped. Men can live without sex, they won’t die if they don’t have sex. Men need to start treating women with respect and learn that they can control their passions.


You are wrong that women can just say no, and everything will be alright and they won’t have any need for abortion or unwanted pregnancy because as you state later in your writing there is too much rape and incest and such, so how can women protect themselves without birth control? Do you really think that most husbands are going to allow their wives to just refuse sex if they don’t want a child? Of course not! Birth control is one of the only ways that women have to protect ourselves from exploitation by men.

There is a Mexican women who was forced by her husband to have 21 children, one pregnancy every year for 21 years! This is what will happen without access to Planned Parenthood which uses 97 percent of its funding for woman’s health, cancer screenings, STD and HIV testing, birth control and sex education, not to encourage sex as you say but so that women and men know what causes pregnancy and how to prevent it as many young girls reach puberty too early in the modern world, at age ten or eleven and can get pregnant without even knowing how pregnancy occurrs.

Furthermore, sex education in public schools does not encourage sex or teach young people how to do it. Sex occurs naturally because all human beings after puberty have massive sex hormones that push them to want to have sex. We were designed that way to propagate the species. Ancient cultures got young people married as soon as possible after puberty, but in this culture one reaches puberty at ten and doesn’t get married until age thirty or so. What are people going to do then? I suggest we get young people married sooner and put the girls on birth control until the couple is financially able to support themselves and have children. This way no one will have to be promiscuous out of sexual need, as sex and affection is a human need, believe it or not. The Amish do this by only requiring or allowing no more than an eighth grade education after which the young person dates, marries and joins their church. They marry before age 20, like we used to 100 years ago and work on their organic farms like we used to 100 years ago. It was modern industrialism and the massive social changes that have occurred because of this that has caused this problem along with Hugh Hefner and the sexual revolution.

However, even in those perhaps more idyllic days 100 years ago there were still problems. People are just naturally promiscuous, so it takes a real commitment not to do so. People have been promiscuous for our entire human history, even in Bible days. We must not kid ourselves that people might have been better in the olden days. I think not. It’s just that today it is so openly done that it seems that way. No one sees people like me who are chaste, even fewer would even believe me. I have been intentionally celibate for 26 years since my divorce for domestic violence perpetrated on me by my mentally and emotionally disturbed ex husband who refused to go to therapy for his trauma over severe child abuse he suffered as a child and still suffers from as an adult, and who was unable to stop violently abusing me and his infant son, out of massive insecurity and jealousy, among other things. I am celebrate in respect for the words of Jesus Christ who said that anyone who got divorced and remarried would be committing adultery. I realize that many other people don’t see getting divorced and remarried as a problem, but I have decided to follow Jesus’s words in the Gospel as well as I can and to follow no one else.

I have learned that neither birth control or abortion were ever prohibited during Bible times, and abortion was sanctioned in the laws of Moses where any husband who suspected his wife of infidelity could force her to drink a drink that would cause abortion. Women had total control over pregnancy and birth and such in those days when there were only female midwives and no male doctors. Women could prevent and end pregnancy, by primitive means that were not always successful, but they never told men about it and men never asked. Even if someone harmed a pregnant woman and caused her to lose a wanted pregnancy, it was not murder, it was a property loss. The unborn had no rights during Bible times. No one could ever be murdered until after birth. I don’t think it will be helpful to our society to change this and start seeing fertilized eggs as full human beings, especially when we seem to care so little for human life after birth. I am not saying that we should not care about the unborn at all but we must be reasonable about it. Our abortion and birth control laws are fine as they are, they are not the problem.

It is bad human behavior that is the problem. Those in our churches are not teaching proper sexual morality and respect for members of both sexes, and church leaders to not demonstrate proper morality themselves. Planned Parenthood has prevented more unnecessary abortions in one month than the right to life movement ever did, by preventing unwanted pregnancy in the first place. In addition, our human population is grossly overpopulated, we desperately need Planned Parenthood because it is the poorest women and families who need birth control the most as they cannot afford to support children if they cannot support themselves.

The only answer is a program of responsible sexuality, to encourage marriage before sex when possible, but make sure that young people are prepared to take precautions in case they end up having sex anyway or give in to sexual temptation, lest they bring an unwanted other living being into their inappropriate sexual behavior when this at least can be prevented. Let us not have two or three sins to go along with the one. I see these overly moralistic prohibitions such as banning birth control, sex education, and abortion as actually helping the devil more than stoping him, because it will actually lead to more sin, and even more suffering if we ban sex education and birth control. These things don’t cause sexual immorality, they are needed partly because of sexual immorality, and because we are overpopulated and because it is not healthy for married women to have a child every year or to have too many children.

Furthermore, America is supposed to be a free country where people ought to be free from other people’s religious fanaticism. Everyone in America is not a Christian, or does not follow the same moral code, and we have no right to legislate our religious beliefs and then impose them onto others. I may choose to be celibate, but that is my choice. I refuse to condem others for their choice, it is up to God to judge, not me. I judge for myself, but I will condemn no one, as God wants to save everyone, and forgive everyone so we can all be saved. Since I am human and prone to sin, I want my sins to be forgiven, then Christ says that I must forgive other people their sins or else my sins will not be forgiven.

Furthermore, there are many medical reasons that the ignorant public has no knowledge of that cause a need to end a pregnancy due to severe fetal abnormalities, or the health of the mother, or pregnancies that cannot be saved anyway. I have seen these things as a labor nurse, and sometimes even wanted pregnancies must be terminated because for some reason God did not make it so that every pregnancy would survive or be a healthy one. Returning to a dark age where women must die to save the baby or both mother and baby must die because we cannot end a pregnancy to save either the mother or the child is barbaric and mysogynistic and unnecessary. Pence is opposed to any ending of pregnancy except at nine months gestation for any reason, and in total disregard to any medical advice. Pence is like that fanatic woman in one state that wanted to force all pregnant women with dead fetuses to have to wait nine months before the pregnancy could be ended, not realizing that a dead fetus decays inside the mother and creates a toxic infection that will kill her unless the pregnancy is ended as soon as possible.

These people are sick fanatics and their purpose is not to restore morality or better sexual behavior that many of them don’t or can’t follow themselves, but so that they can have absolute power and control over other people’s bodies because of an out of control allegiance to toxic patriarchy that must punish all women and make them suffer as much as possible for being born female, as Eve was blamed for bringing sin into the world. Next we will have witch burnings! God gives all of mankind free will to choose good or evil for themselves, but not the right to control other people’s choices, or to dictate what other people do with their own bodies. Banning abortion will not end abortion or save any of the unborn, it will just criminalize those who do end pregnancies and lock them up in for profit prisons at $60,000 per year per person at taxpayer expense. In addition, there are South American women right now locked up for life in prison due to these kinds of laws because they had natural spontaneous miscarriages that were falsely misinterpreted as them having done something wrong to have caused this loss of a pregnancy. These types of massively cruel injustices will be perpetrated upon all women if these fanatics get their way.

No anpmount of laws are going to stop people from having inappropriate sex. It also has been proven that in countries where both birth control and abortion are prohibited that the abortion rates skyrocket due to illegal abortions, and then more women will die also from bad abortions. Therefore, the only way to solve these problems is by a program of responsible sexuality and earlier marriage, rather than by banning birth control and medical abortion.


Religious fanaticism is also tyranny, you have all too easily forgotten things like the Burning Times or the Spanish Inquisition, or the days when no pregnancy could ever be ended so both mother and child would have to die when pregnancies go wrong. Going back to the good old bad days will not be a good thing. You blind yourselves in your fanaticism to the fact that young women in countries where laws making it murder to commit abortion have locked women up for life in prison, or maybe even sentence them to death for being unfortunate enough to have had a spontaneous miscarriage. You blind yourselves to the fact that banning birth control and abortion will only skyrocket abortions because of illegal abortions as has been proven in countries where these things are banned. You cannot just ban the bad things out of the world and make everything good again, as it will never work and only cause more other problems of its own. If there are dangers and consequences of abortion, let’s not make the death penalty or life in prison one of them. Think how Patricia Neal would have felt then, if she had been locked up for life in prison for having had an abortion on top of all her other regrets? You just want to hurt women even more. There are many cases of pregnancies that need to be ended like anacephalic fetuses that have no brains and will die after birth anyway. Should we execute doctors and patients who end these doomed pregnancies also? Who gets to decide when a woman can end a pregnancy, her doctor, or some ignorant religious fanatic in the government? You republicans are all massive hypocrites. You allow your representatives to poison and destroy all life on this planet and make endless wars for greed and profit and complain about any environmental regulations as being unnecessary regulations and want to get the government off of your backs so you can put the government and overly restrictive regulations and bad laws onto other people’s backs. You call yourselves Christians but refuse to follow the teachings of Christ or the Ten Commandments and instead insist upon putting the laws of men on people and teaching them as if they are the laws of God when they are not. You deceive yourselves and insist upon deceiving others and you constantly lie and exaggerate and make false claims to support your fanaticism.

No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion here, but you people want to ban it as well as any birth control or sex education and falsely and naively think that this will fix everything, when you have no idea how much horror you will actually unleash. If all abortions are bad, then education and the proper use of birth control through sex education can prevent 99.9 percent of unwanted pregnancies, and therefore stop the need for unnecessary abortions. Perhaps Patricia Neal did not have acces to birth comtrol in her days. Did you ever bother to consider that? She was young in the forties and fifties before the pill was invented. There is no reason that any responsible person who has access to birth control should need an abortion unless there is a problem with any wanted pregnancy that occurs. You people are living in an idealized world where nothing ever goes wrong and if it does then the sufferers must have deserved their punishment and if life or God doesn’t punish them enough then you will see to it yourselves.

You all would be much better off and much better Christians if you spent your time getting more people access to birth control so abortions will be less likely and to practicing and teaching responsible sexuality yourselves. It also behooves you to care more about those already born that republicans and you right wingers are always doing everything you can to deprive of food, shelter, and medical care. You are not following Christ who never mentions these things but mentions other things that you deliberatly ignore. It is not so much for us to worry about the unborn or the dead but the living. God takes care of all who do not make it to birth, and the dead. The living are our job.


I agree that the idea of treating women as sexual objects rather than as human beings is terrible. I’ll never forget when I was a young and attractive woman how I felt like a deer during deer hunting season all the time. Men wanted my body, but not my mind, and I hated it. I wished I had a burka in those days. Now that I am old and ugly and no one pays any attention to me at least I have some peace, although it would be nice to get a hug once in awhile. However, banning abortion, or birth control or banning sex education will not stop the bad treatment of women. We are just going to have to demand better treatment and not let men get away with it.


No one ever tells women that abortions wil make them feel better about themselves. Get real, you guys can’t stop making stuff up. There is plenty of misogyny right in the Jewish and Christian religions so you can’t blame it all upon only ungodly Hugh Hefner types. There is plenty of sexual immorality on both sides of the partisan aisle as well, as your friend Donald Trump is king of sexual immorality, but you people are all hypocrites yourselves because you keep on supporting him no matter what he does and dare to say that God would anoint such a vile foul vulgar immoral man who makes Bill Clinton look like a Saint! If we are ever going to address our problems we must all own up to our own sins and if we must point out the sins of others do so fairly and consistently according to the behavior not give one side of the aisle permission to do anything wrong and get away with it and harshly blame those who sin only if we disagree with their politics. There is sin on both sides! Justice must be meted out fairly or not at all, because partial or one sided justice is injustice. Furthermore, we had better attend to our own sins and stop worrying about other people’s moral shortcomings until at least we address our own. It is up to each person to tend his or her own garden of the soul and not to worry too much what is going on on the other side of the fence in other’s gardens. We must allow other people to choose for themselves, or pretty soon we will,have laws regulating beards and tattoos and hairstyles and what clothing we and other people can wear and no one will have any freedom.

God gives us all the freedom to choose, taking away those choices undermines God’s purpose because He wants us to choose freely to do what is right and not be forced. Even if we do sin, as most if not all of us will do at least sometimes, we have a mechanism established by Christ to address this and any sin but one can be forgiven and it is not sexual immorality or abortion, or even murder. There are better ways to make a better society than to try to force it on everyone. For instance the War on Drugs has been an abject failure and has made the problem worse and ruined many millions of lives needlessly over stuff as silly as a couple of marijuana joints. Banning all abortions wil only kill and improson people , it won’t stop abortions or save the unborn or anything. You are fooling yourself and you have been missled and lied to. The religious right are misogynists mark my words, if you don’t see now you will. I know what is getting real basis for these attacks on woman’s reproductive health and it is not because they really care so much for the unborn or fertilized eggs. You need to do some more research. Read the Great Mother Goddess by Monica Sjoo. That book is the most radical piece of truth I have ever read. She can tell you about the roots of misogyny and it runs right through the .Judeo-Christian heritage like an arrow. They think that God is a man, but this may not even be so. Free your own mind and then perhaps you won’t be so obsessed with ruling over other people’s bodies and choices.



How many angels can dance on a pinhead?