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Women From 40 Countries Demand Trump Avert Nuclear War with North Korea


Women From 40 Countries Demand Trump Avert Nuclear War with North Korea

Nika Knight, staff writer

Leaders in the U.S. and North Korea are not backing down when it comes to escalating tensions in the Korean peninsula, and on Wednesday a unified plea from 40 women leaders around the world demanded that President Donald Trump immediately seek a peace treaty with nuclear-armed North Korea.


Blessings to the peacemakers. Props to the women leaders in this action. Grassroots organizing is the only thing that can stop the war machine.

Let me also give props to the Global Network which has been working on these matters for decades. Christine Ahn, quoted in the article, has worked with the Global Network.


FACT: Seoul is the second most populous city in the world: 29.5 million as of 2015. And the demented demagogue, DJT and the unhinged NK nitwit, Kim seem to totally ignore the disastrous consequences of starting a nuclear war (DJT must not have any buildings or named properties in SK....), the loss of lives, the aftermath. They should be eunuchs devoid of testosterone ever again.

I applaud the courage of these women and pray that their (and our) ongoing protestation of perpetual war and support of DIPLOMATIC, common sense approaches to resolving issues worldwide. All life weighs in the balance.


Just arrived in my email, here's a poem Bruce Gagnon from the Global Network wrote today:

Today the Pentagon
will test fire
a nuclear missile
from Vandenberg AFB
in California
into the Pacific
landing at their
often radiated target
Kwajalein Atoll

Just yesterday
the Pentagon
tried to sneak
'missile defense'
in the dark
of night
into the new
base in Seongju,
South Korea
but protesters
were there
along with
a zillion police
pushing them back

is preparing
for war with
North Korea
they dare to test
and develop nukes

Testing missiles is
not illegal
under international law
the US
and its
double standard
nuclear allies
do it all the time
but North Korea
is not
in the club
thus they are
called rogue

Which nation
is the greater threat?
North Korea
with their pip-squeak
missile and nuclear
or the mighty

The hypocrisy
is chilling
nerve wracking
heart stopping

The 'exceptional'
the world

Today in Washington
meets with
all 100 US Senators
about Korea
selling war
like he
wheels and deals
one of his
tall towers,
shrines to
arrogance and

Let us hear
your squeaky
we still
can utter
of protest
life giving

don't wait
for the flash
and bang
and resulting

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


What about the men? What about the anti war movement in the US? What is happening even here on CD, first i don't see any articles as Trump ratchets up rhetoric on nuclear war with Korea then this little this article about 40 women protesting. If people think this will be a limited war and that we are thousands of miles from Korea we will be safe. I am at a loss for words, even in the event of a limited nuclear exchange we will have killed millions of Koreans and perhaps many thousands in Japan Guam, in addition to thousands more US sailors, for what?


The world leader in hypocrisy, and terrorism, imperialist amerika, continues with its acts against humanity, and our Sacred Planet!
All who care and have Compassion and Peace for all beings, on Mother Earth; we Must struggle together. We will overcome, Together!


Bear in mind that there are still about 30,000 U.S. troops in S.K. on the S.K. side of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). In 1953 the U.S. did not abide by it's constitution and debate sending troops to Korea, but instead resorted to the subterfuge of a U.N. resolution. Does this remind you of the current War Power Act?


Remember, Alaska, Canada, the US Fourth Reich and Mexico are all downwind from Korea. The exposure will be less, but none-the-less, there will be an upturn once again of stillbirths, mutations, cancers and other diseases. The Nuclear Dragon is merciless when once unleashed.
* Our duty is to restrain those who would cut the leash and free the Dragon. Now is the time, not after a finger pushes a button.


The Citizens living under Dictatorships, and similarly Unresponsive Governments (like the US), are Innocent and have no quarrel with their Counterparts.

"..let it fill the air, tell the People Everywhere, We the People here, don't want a War."

"Simple Song of Freedom"
Bobby Darin 1969

Yes, the time is now, to stop this.


In "Non Sequitur" comic strip today :

God, talking to an angel, while overlooking a Mushroom Cloud covered Earth :

"OK, lesson learned, next time No Religion."