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Women Leaders agree COP21 Must Have "Gender-Responsive" Deal


Women Leaders agree COP21 Must Have "Gender-Responsive" Deal

Stella Paul, IPS News

53-year old Aleta Baun of Indonesia’s West Timor province is a proud climate warrior. From 1995 to 2005 she successfully led a citizens’ movement to shut down 4 large marble mining companies that polluted and damaged the ecosystem of a mountain her community considered sacred. After their closure in 2006, she became a conservationist and restored 15 hectares of degraded mountain land, reviving dozens of dried springs and resettling 6,000 people who were displaced by the mining.


Amy Goodman, who's been live in Paris to cover this event interviewed a number of Indigenous women and they made a point that this IPS news story does not: That based on WHO was part of the actual climate negotiations--representing 150 nations--there were at best a handful of women!

The Indigenous women that Ms. Goodman interviewed made it very clear that women's perspective, experience, and wisdom is NOT being heard or granted any influence over ongoing negotiations.

It's still the same boys' club and THAT boys' club, baptized in deference to a male god and military "service" continues to treat the Earth Mother as a thing to plunder.

Without women's input and especially the input of Indigenous Leaders who (all) recognize the intrinsic Sacredness of Mother Earth, very little progress will be made.

So long as war by financial means (global corporate capitalism expressing its aggressive nature through self-serving treaties like TPP and TIPP), actual means, and propaganda campaigns of disinformation remain the norms... the mindset that's fixed on destruction will succeed in destroying more and more.

Exhibit A: See Syria today