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Women Leading Relief Efforts in Nepal


Women Leading Relief Efforts in Nepal

Anna Tenuta

As the death toll continues to climb in Nepal following its 7.8-magnitude earthquake, women on the ground are fearlessly leading rescue efforts in the face of the devastation.


An American/Nepali nonprofit called Journey Home Foundation is providing relief to remote villages, having several years experience with a trafficking rescue/education foundation in katmandu staffed by an american woman’s nepali husband’s family who are all involved in the sanctuary/rescue/education projects to rescue nepali girls/women from human traffickers. As such they are in a unique position to give aid, and 100% of their money is going to relief and supplies, not a single paid salary in the foundation.

Read more about this family-led foundation and their ability to get tents, rice, supplies to remote villages with our donations:


So sorry for poor link, here is the Journey Home Foundation gofundme page where they post regular updates on the help in action: