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Women on the Front Lines Fighting Fracking in the Bakken Oil Shale Formations


Women on the Front Lines Fighting Fracking in the Bakken Oil Shale Formations

Emily Arasim, Osprey Orielle Lake

There are some crystalline moments in which the challenges we face as a civilization become brutally clear. Moments in which corrupt aspects of American democracy and the fractures in our social, economic and political systems are exposed with unsurpassed clarity.

Moments in which we are reminded of how fundamentally ruptured our dominant culture’s relationship with the Earth has become and in which we see before our eyes how this split has led to almost unfathomable acts of violence against the Earth, against women and against the original inhabitants of North America.


In Alberta way back in the 1990s one Wiebo Ludwig claimed these gas wells were causing health problems with his family and those of his neighbors along with deformed children and livestock.

After years of frustration trying to get the practice of mining sour gas and than flaring the same stopped, he resorted to bombing the wellheads . He was reported in the press as a “madman” and went to prison for that destruction of property.

I sincerely wish these women the best and hope they prevail in the efforts to get this practice stopped. I would hope their cause be picked up by others not of the First nations peoples and on lands not on what deemed their territories given the toxins produced by this industry do not recognize boundaries.

That picture of the view from space of night time flares burning is frightening. It just seems no place on earth safe from what is being called “civilization”.


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For 9 years I’ve worked to show the intersect between the rape of the land and the rape of women… and mostly met resistance, derision, hostility, and disinformation.

It’s not surprising that women, as nurturers of life and caregivers, are on the front lines of fighting this vile fracking practice… when wind and sunlight are freely available.

Maybe it’s those scales of justice finally arcing towards the good… that the price of fracking fuel has gone down so low that many operations can’t make their loan payments and are no longer being granted “bridge loans” by big banks.

The Koch Brothers who help fund this rape of the earth should be strung up at a local square.

Amen to this:

“There is a saying of the Global South that speaks to the change that must now come to the Bakken oil fields: Neither the land nor women are territories of conquest.”


…Spoken like a member of a “man camp.”

Nor have you noticed all the clean energy systems that received patents and were bought out and shelved by the existing Energy Cartels.

When human beings are not given a choice in how their energy is produced … it’s disgusting to use the Koch Brothers’ Talking Point that focuses on the DEMAND side of the equation. That way, you let the Frackers, Oil Drillers, Coal slurry producers, and Nuke Power providers off the hook…

What a dead soul you are.


So, let me ask you exactly HOW “Bernie” is going to stop this unregulated practice?
I’ve heard a lot of great ideas from this guy but I also know that implementing them is goign to be a real challenge, esp since the voters only seem to get interested in presidential election years.
DICK Cheney set up this industry almost singlehandedly without regulations and look where we are today.

To tell you the truth I have serious doubts about "Bernie’s ability to get less than half of the things done he’s mentioned, albeit without a plan AND I fear for his life if he even tries.
Everybody (except me) stayed home in '14 and the Dems lost the Senate, and a lot of state offices now we are really paying for that with the fast track passage of the TPP, I’d like to know how ANYBODY thinks they can stop this without a very concentrated movement by the citizenry.

Will we elect Sanders and then go home and go back to bed or teevee watching and think he’s going to do it all on his own? concluding from past behavior of the citizens, I’d say YES.
And then the base will get frustrated that he’s not superman anymore than Obama was and sty home again. The republicans don’t stay home, I’ll tell you that.

Clinton is right, little as you may want to hear that discouraging nooz, Doesn’t mean she supports this, but she just MIGHT have the chops to get us some relief while Bernie doesn’t, neither in congress or with the corporations who are doing this runaway annihilation of the planet.
When you look for someone to blame for where we are now, go look in the mirror


I’ve sure noticed the resistance to changing our energy sources tho, haven’t you?
Look at this for a taste of what’s coming:
USA uses TPP-like trade-court to kill massive Indian solar project

We are very late to the game


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The “concentrated movement by the citizenry” is the perfect interpretation of Bernie’s revolution! Granted it is his theory, and shame on us if we don’t remain vigilant to the doings of the elected members. This man encouraged me to run for a county board seat in my district, and I’m grateful for that. At my first forum I used his platform in my responses and I believe I lit a fire under those that have left the political arena.