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Women On The Frontlines, An Untold Climate Story


Women On The Frontlines, An Untold Climate Story

Osprey Orielle Lake
Women’s experiences, struggles, and solutions make up perhaps the most vital, yet largely untold story of the climate crisis.

Twenty million of the twenty-six million people estimated to have been displaced by climate change as of 2010 are women. The bottom line is that the poor are most heavily impacted by climate change, and the vast majority of people living on less than a dollar a day are women.


Too many intellectual males still associate women's concerns with superfluous newspaper inserts. They are inured to this subject and have an incredible incapacity to connect dots. This says it all, and it's what I find myself stating often. Regardless, the dominant narrative and its proponents pretend nothing of this nature was ever stated. They continue on in their blindness (to these important factors) and want the rest of the world to be as sightless as they are.

This bears repeating:

"Thus, when we reflect on the dire climate impacts felt by women, it is essential that we reflect on roots causes - namely the culture of patriarchy based on domination over nature and women that has been institutionalized worldwide to varying degrees."

"It is essential that we embrace this systemic perspective so that we can take bold steps to shift our cultural narratives and challenge the worldviews that produce and enforce the twin problems of environmental destruction and gender inequality."


ok, so this article is published by 'common dreams'? lol


Well well, men are useful after all! According to this article, men produce the other half of what we eat.........But then again, if men weren't around, that half of what is produced to eat wouldn't be required.........


A poster here, as so often happens, provides a perfect example of why the good guys and gals are losing badly: what has been called The Circular Firing Squad. Left leaning people attack each other for quibblingly simplistic ideological disagreements and, in doing so, spoil whatever anorexically slim chances there may be to work together for the common good of all. I asked this in response to Chris Hedges' piece: How can people reach out to The Enemy Within? We are all together in a leaky boat and can do nothing other that kvetch about the holes some of the other guys and gals are drilling (or should I say boring), or shove others' heads down in a useless effort to save ourselves.

Taking an accusingly scolding tone puts whoever one is accusingly scolding on the defensive and in doing so causes them to become much more likely to cling to whatever wrongheaded notion they're being told they are the personification of.

The water is rising and will reach the nostrils all races, ages, genders, subcultures at about the same time unless people figure out that the only chance WE have is to figure out how to cooperatively stand together to get as many of up above the drowning point as possible.