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Women On the March


Women On the March

Vowing to "stand up and fight back" against the coming horrors, hundreds of thousands of women along with men are gearing up to march in D.C. They follow in the footsteps of a 1913 New York to Washington Woman Suffrage Procession aimed at Woodrow Wilson's inauguration, with moral support from nationwide sister marches and a wave of Nasty Women and We the People art. "I march because our democracy is a dumpster fire," says one. "I march because we fight sexism with solidarity."


If there is hope, it lies in women. I don't see where else it comes from.


I am male, and couldn't agree with you more!


Relatives will be marching in DC on Saturday, and I wish them Godspeed!


Courage. History isn't changed or justice renewed by curling up in a depressed fetal ball.


"Vowing to "stand up and fight back" against the coming horrors, hundreds of thousands of women along with men are gearing up to march on Washington Saturday."

And these 'horrors' are? Do tell. Please. Are they perceived? Real?
The alternative candidate that you supported, SO respected women's rights, in that she happily supported the dropping of 20k+ bombs per year (last year, her president, your too, I suppose) dropped 26k) on women and children in much poorer countries than our own. This is ok with you all though.
She also played footsie with Saudi Arabia (by accepting billions in donations/favors) from a country that kills homosexuals and keeps women completely oppressed.
I **know ** you stand for human rights. Maybe only when convenient?
I just don't get it.

Break the mold.
Yes, Sanders could have, but your dear Hillary cheated him out of that.
So.....solution? Wait another 4 years and, uh, try again? Or get behind, instead of fighting, someone who might break the establishment!
But, we know what happened to JFK when he went against the CIA and the MIC.
Keep up the negative, folks, and create the reality you want.


Whoa there sarah, calm down.

This protest is intended as a march against Trump and the denizens of his capitalist cabal. Don't start dragging Sanders or Clinton into this Zimet blog. I don't see Clinton or the Democratic party mentioned in any part of her blog or in the comments here other than yours. I have a daughter down in Washington, D.C. along with my son-in-law, both ready to march.. She was a Stein/Baraka proponent, as was he and as was I. She is inclined to support the Greens and he is a self identified socialist, with a small "s". Calm down and stop defining the world as you see it. It really doesn't contribute anything positive. The marchers are marching against Trump and the vile gang of fellow US plutocrats that are assisting him in an attempt to destroy our only planet and all life upon it, either through war or the generation of an uninhabitable climate.


I do worry that Americans have elevated sex scandals to a position of importance over war crimes and gross violations of human rights, especially since liberals are now as likely as conservatives to brag about participation in the military regardless of its recent history or its mission. I also share your concern that our interest in women's rights seems mostly to apply to Americans, which ironically coincides with Trump's "America first" philosophy.

Having said that, I'm glad to see folks protesting today, and I can at least hope that American women will start exercising influence to change the direction of the culture instead of celebrating being more assimilated into its uglier aspects (military, corporations, fundamentalist religion).


Outhouserat...agree on most. I just don't get protesting before anything has happened/taken place, and objecting to....?what?.....words??? By a known actor, who plays with words?
Also, methinks women gotta get their heads out of their backsides and see that there is not this perceived discrimination 'out there' and quit being victims.
Focus more on being the change we 'supposedly' want, rather than demonstrating repeatedly the anger they so rail against. That is so old, such a remnant....there WAS some inequality in the 60's, yes, but dang....the pendulum has swung, and now there is way too much 'affirmative action' or reverse discrimination, IMO.
I feel far more for the beat upon and discarded males these days.
So, to me, being a rational female, I suggest the girls do a little emotional cleansing and get some sense back, and start working toward a kinder world.
Hypocrites, IMO, fighting a war within themselves.


It does seem that affirmative action policies have helped women, especially white women, more than any other group.


The only way one can talk of "reverse discrimination" is to accept the underlying belief that the position a woman got rightfully belonged to a man in the first place. Affirmative action addresses already existing discrimination, so to say it creates "reverse" discrimination is to say that women don't really belong in the positions they get at all.

There's even a subtext to that subtext: it presumes that men not only are but should be the bread winner. They deserve the jobs (or acceptance to a university) because they have families to support, or will. It's a throwback to the traditional gender roles that many feminisms seek to change.

The redress of currently existing sexism does not create "reverse sexism." The redress of currently existing racism does not create "reverse racism."

To believe it does requires we believe that white men deserved whatever the women/minority received, and was unfairly denied.


Did everyone see that Canadians going to the march are being turned back at the border?

Is this what's meant by "securing our borders?" Only right-wingers are allowed in?


The only candidate for President that was any good was a woman, Jill Stein. But, the general public is easily suckered in by the mass media. Whenever I mention something about a corrupt aspect of our government, the people around me have this crazy idea that Trump is going to clean all the corruption out of Washington. Not only that, they seem to think that Trump is going to look out for the working class and bring back those millions of jobs we lost since NAFTA. Many of the people I know have all these ridiculous ideas originating from the mass media and they will not hear it any other way and certainly will not go out of their way to read anything. After voting, most of the people I told about me voting for Jill Stein did not even know who she is. When Bernie was trying for the Democratic nomination, most people I know thought he was trying to turn the US into another USSR because he promoted Socialist ideas. Of course, they had no idea about what he was really promoting.... just garbage they picked up from TV and the moron in the break room at work. Welcome to Planet Moron! Stop by why you still have a chance. We will not be here much longer.


Hey Great Job Picking Michael Moore as The Face Of The Womens Movement!
Trust me..your voices are heard loud and clear!