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Women Should Be Seen and Not Heard


Women Should Be Seen and Not Heard

Christopher Brauchli

Democracy, which is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike. — Plato, The Republic

At first reading I thought it was probably one of the many whimsical ideas that is going around the internet during this election season. Instead, it was a serious move to make women feel better. And it was almost certainly a resounding success. It was announced shortly after Antonio Guterres was named the new Secretary General of the United Nations.


“Wonder Woman is a great, easily recognizable symbol of what women can become once freed from a patriarchal society.”

If women ever obtain equal pay and access to the same upper-level jobs as men, they will immediately be fired for coming to work dressed completely inappropriately.


This was inevitable.
Reality has now devolved into a fantasy world filled with comic book superhero's.
Our leaders are clearly demented and we have Trump to thank for it.


Well, the UN is still an organization rooted in 1945 paradigms, run by people steeped in good old fashioned sexism and ageism. They toast each other and self-congratulate while busily continuing those antiquated traditions.


For all her power, the Wonder Woman is still required to go about practically naked. Is this really empowering women?



The whole thing is an offence against women. If the UNs 'WonderWoman' is ever quoted I'm sure there'll be a team of mostly men inventing 'her' words.

Total stupid insensitivity.