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Women Tell Trump and GOP They Can Shove Their Hollow Mother's Day Wishes


Women Tell Trump and GOP They Can Shove Their Hollow Mother's Day Wishes

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump wished "all of the great mothers out there" a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday, but voters from across the nation responded harshly to what they considered a hollow message from the Republican president who has proved repeatedly, both in word and in deed, that he is no friend to women's health and well-being.


What an insult! Reminds me of Trump sending military seals in harms way in Yemen and after one of them comes home in a casket, offering his perfunctory, condolences to the man's parents.


First of all, Happy Mother's day!! We all have mothers, give them a call or a hug!! Or perhaps, a silent acknowledgement if deceased.
The first thing I saw in the piece that grabbed me was the extreme callousness in Mr Perry's response, comparing having healthcare to owning a Cadillac. "Not everybody wants a Cadillac"; EVERYBODY wants healthcare. The fat cats are the most greedy bastards in the world and yet, they want to deprive the workers much needed universal healthcare just to fatten their overstuffed wallets. (And due to today's celebration, I'm being nice in my response). Part of the government's job is to ensure that it's citizenry can work and be healthy and pay taxes. It shouldn't be operated as a legal extortion ring having to pay more and more with nothing to show but the bosses mega mansions and designer clothes. The other Cadillac problem is; why would anyone want a Cadillac? A gas guzzling tribute to human vanity, a supposed reason to want to harm others to get ahead! We all need to step back from technology a bit, as useful as it is, and start to live within all our means a wish Earth a Happy Mother's Day!! Conserve!


I believe the best tribute we could give all our fallen soldiers would be: No More Fallen Soldiers!!


True, but what is so egregious to me is that our brave and patriotic, albeit misled soldiers are being murdered and used for the hegemony, greedy and nefarious purposes of the American Empire with the big lie that they are protecting our freedom and democracy.


So true. All wars are based and founded on lies.


Like someone said: too bad peace is not profitable!


And don't forget the Mother of Us All - our biosphere we call the Earth.


The corporations that own the GOP operatives pushing Trumpdon'tcare have likely agreed to provide lifetime medical coverage for the operatives' and their families in exchange for replacing the big corporate welfare program known as the ACA with Trump's even bigger corporate welfare program.


The soulless always squeeze money from us for war but not for healthcare. Time to rise up!


Thanks for the link even though I have read it before, what Julia Ward Howe wrote after the civil war, cannot be repeated enough.


Must not have been any since Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!


Mother's day hypocrisy?

How about calling a horrible bomb...Mother!


If Mother's Day meant very much to Americans, there wouldn't of been so many of them working yesterday; forced, pretty much by necessity to work for at least $12-14 an hour, hopefully. While some relative, of course, watched their, and her own, children. Healthcare, are you kidding me?
Childcare, are you kidding me? Not serving, and not waiting for the next finger snap or waving arm gesture, are you kidding me? Fall in line, please.
Hey, always remember the first rule of Conservative governance and business principles: " the beatings will continue until the morale improves ".


I recommend "War is a Racket" by MGen Smedley Butler ret.



Thanks for your reply, but read " war is a racket" a long time ago. If you haven't checked it out yet, you might like: all wars are bankers wars.