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#WomenDisobey: Thousands Descend on Capitol Hill to Demand End of Cruel Child, Family Detention


#WomenDisobey: Thousands Descend on Capitol Hill to Demand End of Cruel Child, Family Detention

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's signing of an executive order to end immigration officials' separation of families has done nothing to quell the nationwide outrage over his administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy—with the Women's March holding a major act of civil disobedience in Washington, D.C. on Thursday ahead of actions planned across the country this weekend.


This is a good protest, and I hope that these same advocates and many more will shut down the capitol and Trump businesses to protect reproductive freedom.
Trump, Pence and the other gestation slavery ghouls will overturn Roe V. Wade within a couple of years if SCOTUS goes the way Trump wants.


This is a cruel distraction while the fascists destroy what’s left of unionized labor, pack the Supreme Court for the next 30 or 40 years with fascists “judges”, and generally take the united States back to the 19th century. These are the darkest moments in American history since the Great Depression or the Civil War.


Women have had health care and control of their bodies for 40 years. People of color have had freedom from segregation for 50 years. Trumper white supremacist males may need profit prisons and concentration camps to allow them the power they think they deserve, but numbers matter even if they fix the votes and make the “laws”.
Just like the rest of the world ignore them or fight them. Trump’s behavior is so horrible no one with any moral decency could listen to him.


The headline implies the demo has already taken place. It has not. Bad journalism and bad organizing to declare “victory” before the fact. People notice small turnouts and false claims, making subsequent organizing more difficult. NOW is always the time to BE REAL.

Solidarity with #WomenDisobey


I like that term, “gestation slavery ghouls”.


Yes indeed. These are nothing less than the dark ages and yet resistance is everywhere.


Good for these sisters. No more interment camps unless they are reserved for real criminals such as in the current administration. We have so much work to do on so many fronts as we get attacked on multiple fronts but then a good fight never was easy.



That’s great to fight for these Immigrant kids… Why are you not fighting for yourselves and your own kids? WE are next in line at the detention centers. Remember, Trump can do what ever he wants, because everyone is afraid to stop him.


Women are the world’s greatest asset.

Today, we see this for ourselves. The World sees this.

Take pride the sacrifices these women are making.


There are plenty of rallies to attend on Saturday. A big showing will help. State governments are suing over these detention centers and some governments are ending their contracts with the federal government. Trump has crossed the line on this one.


People knock me for being negative, but I really believe with each piece of more news of fascist success that what we are headed for is another failed revolution like those of Thailand and Egypt. Tyrants are over us. Low class, debased tyrants.


Things really look like the Devil, don’t they?


A must read:


Thank you to every one of you!


That is why we are fighting as we know we are next.


I believe the immigrant kids are worth fighting for. I also believe if Trump gets walked out and replaced by a Dem, we’ll be right back to secret night raids on immigrants like what Obama did. Quit focusing on Trump. The problem is the duopoly is sold out to the same racist Nazis. Focus on kicking the duopoly out. The Dems are only better at lying to your face, while the Republicans are so vile they don’t even lie and act like sociopathy is fine. Both sides are sociopathic whether ones smiles and tells you the opposite of what they do, or not. Look at their actions. Vote green.


This article has been updated, to make it confusing, but now the march has happened and hundreds of protesters have been arrested.
Let’s understand our fascist police state…
Your tax dollars pay for Capitol Hill and the government police. The first amendment guarantees your right to assemble. The Capitol is YOUR PROPERTY, not the government’s.
You assemble and protest a corrupt government, and are arrested.
I’ve been arrested at Capitol protests and here’s how the government inflicts pain on you:

  • handcuffs, cages, lack of water and food, bail, overnight in jail
  • FEDERAL criminal charges
  • forcing you to plead guilty or hire a lawyer = steal your money
  • if you plead guilty, you have an NCIC record and you go on various spy agency watch lists.
  • a criminal record or even just an arrest, even for a protest “trespass,” can harm you in employment and in other ways.

And in the meantime, Trump and his gang, and the corporate elite break laws all the time, and nobody arrests them.
It is time for a real revolution in this country, whether it be MLK style, or otherwise.


You’re not negative, bro, you are realistic and courageous.
V for Vendetta!


Read Rousseau’s social contract. They’ve broken it and we no longer recognize them as legitimately voted in or working in our interest. We’re no longer believers. We are moving to no longer hold up our end because they aren’t holding up theirs. Nationalism no longer works. When they lose the citizens inside the country, they’ve lost control and lost. They know that. That’s why the fake news and the spying on us. They actually don’t have control of us and can’t get it now. Quit acting like they have control. You show me control and I’ll show you a whistle blower in any sector you want to say they have it in. They’re doing all this crap because they don’t have control. Don’t capitulate, we’ve passed the tipping point. Too many do not believe in this banana republic that are looting us. Be worried if we had stayed pre-Occupy when the only people protesting were old hippies.