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Women's Convention: 'Millions of Women Coming Together to Stand Up and Fight Back'


Women's Convention: 'Millions of Women Coming Together to Stand Up and Fight Back'

- Common Dreams staff

"More than ever, we need all women and allies to come together to collectively reclaim our time.”

Reclaiming Our Time



The war mongers have said for a long time sayings like: " if we do not stop them over there, we will have to fight them over here".

Maybe it should be said this way: if we do not stop Trump now; it may be too late… later!


Neither Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein appear to be attending. Were they invited?


I hope neither does. The Women’s March did not need either of them.


My father died in 1958. My mother raised 3 boys without much help and in those days she had no credit, it was all my fathers, she had to get a co-signer to buy our house. Things need to move Much Faster for women everywhere, in all aspects of our society.


It is not empty headed Trump with dictator tenancies, but the whole republican party, wall streeters and corporations talking in his ear. Like they say, the last person he talks to.


I guess I have not been paying attention as this is first I’ve heard of it. Too much info coming from 100 different sources and emails.


You are leaving out the current Democrat establishment, aka Wall St Demos, as equally complicit in the destruction of our democracy.
More power to the women of America I say. Us men always seem to have our face in the damn mud.


Thank you, Ditton. I love beautiful brothers. When men and women start to consider themselves as true equals even if different–and we are different–maybe love and respect will take root and a chance will develop to heal our world.


Interesting question. Maybe not as it may have appeared as self serving of both women. And if they were and did not show up, it does not matter because we are witnessing the channeling of anger into some concrete plans and regardless of how any of us felt about both women, misogyny may have played a part in both of their campaigns and this is at least in part inspiring women to organize.


Hillary Clinton was invited to speak, but was too busy. Bernie Sanders, whose schedule is much busier, made time to speak at the conference, which is in Detroit, but the dog-in-the-manger Hillary crowd had an absolute fit.

So Bernie backed out, and has gone to Puerto Rico, taking all the energy and interest, as well as the media, with him.

Jill Stein probably would have accepted an invitation to speak, but of course the Hillary people would have flipped out about inviting Jill, too. The Hillbots mistakenly believe that feminism is about being a woman, and not only a woman, but a woman who holds the wrong positions on many important feminist issues, such as economic and social justice, the environment, and peace.


I see how Hillary’s positions as a NeoLiberal and a NeoCon in reality hurts women across the globe and thus reflects an inherent patriarchal misogyny. Also I do see misogyny in the misstatements of Madeleine Albright that women belong in hell who didn’t vote for Hillary and of Gloria Steinem that millennial women who supported Bernie only did it because that’s where the boys are, as if they are incapable of political thought.

But I fail to see any misogyny in Jill Stein’s campaign. What were you thinking of? :slight_smile:

I’d go further. Hillbot feminists beleive that feminism is about and only about supporting Hillary for president. Bernie, having the audacity to run also, is by definition then a misogynist, women who didn’t vote for her are deplorables or are young girls hopelessly trying to please Bernie Bros and all of them belong in hell.

It doesn’t matter that Bernie’s positions on women’s issues may be to the left of Hillary’s (who is willing to compromise on late term abortions and whose policies hurt working class women.)

Some of these women spouted the worst vitriol at Bernie in the recent staged controversy about him speaking at the convention. You’d think he was Judge Moore.


We have a positive story about women calling a convention to follow up on the great marches of January 2017, and friggin progressives here turn it into anti Clinton rants.


I was thinking she should have gotten more support.


Jill was not invited?


Apparently Jill Stein was not invited.


Do you agree with Albright’s view that women who didn’t vote for Hillary should go to hell? Do you agree with Steinem that millennial women who were for Bernie were just mindless boy crazy girls unable to think for themselves? Do you agree with the women who blasted Bernie as a misogynist when he was included as one of two male speakers at the convention? Do you want to enter into an discussion/debate about whether Hillary’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Con policies help or hurt women and people of color?

It’s not like we progressives started the division that is happening around the Women’s Convention.

Any so called progressive movement that doesn’t call out crap of the Neo-Liberal and Neo-Con policies of the establishment Democrats is shallow and phony and will fall in line once the Democrats are back in power.


This effort is clearly connected to the "Democratic"Party rather than being authentically independent and grassroots. It is about recruiting women candidates to run for office (as Democrats). That’s why Jill Stein wasn’t invited.

This event failed to achieve basic solidarity, and not only with the Greens. I commend the panel discussion around race and white privilege. Apparently the panel was diverse, unlike the audience. One would think that in Detroit, one would find a lot more black women in attendance. It is interesting to note that black women voted 93% for Clinton, but aren’t showing up to organize with white women, especially around women’s issues.

Lots of rhetoric about women, but not one word on the multitude of gender identities. There are women who are not female. Just plain gotta do better.

The system is busted. If it weren’t more women would already be in office along with more people of color. Folks of all persuasions need to use the tools of democracy that we still have at our disposal like running for office and voting, with the understanding that electoral politics got us here in the first place and won’t get us out. We must use the tools to preserve them for when we take power, but until then We the People must come together in a real grassroots social movement to demand the expansion of democracy and human rights and an end to the Supreme Court created doctrines that property (corporations) has constitutional rights and that money is speech. Only then can we overcome the obstacles to our own well-being and common good. We cannot vote ourselves out of this mess.

Four reasons why this progressive chose to sit this one out and throw tomatoes from the sidelines.


Well what else can you conclude after all the negative comments about Bernie speaking. He is way more of a feminist than Hillary. And what about your comment about “friggin progressives”? Got a problem with them? I bet you do - just like Hillary and the rest of the Democrat elites.



A. All what negative comments about Bernie?

B A full quote would be: friggin progressives here. That would be a sub, very sub, category.