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Women's March: Capping First Year of Trump's Anti-Woman Agenda, Marches Mobilize Voters


Women's March: Capping First Year of Trump's Anti-Woman Agenda, Marches Mobilize Voters

Julia Conley, staff writer
With attention on immigrant rights, gun control, and the #MeToo movement, protesters across the country mobilized in support of issues impacting women


Mobilize them to vote for whom? All I see in these marches is neoliberal talking points. They want them to vote for more democrats. I’m sure they’ll fool some of them into doing it. And if a socialist tries to run again, they’ll just openly rig it again, with help from the corporate media again, and then blame “the Russians” again if they get caught.

If this is supposed to be the opposition, then we’re all screwed.


Wow. All these people getting ready to vote, and there will be no one worth voting for. And even when there is someone tolerable to vote for, once elected, they become part of the machine they opposed. “Resistance is futile,” say the Borg. I feel sorry for all those who think voting matters in a plutocracy as far gone to fascism as ours. But, hey! Like prayer, if it makes you feel better…


Some polls report majority support of over 50% for many things the Administration opposes. Yet, the 2016 vote shows under 50% voted for the Republican and Democratic candidate. The winner was relatively unpopular with the voters, but the electoral college worked in his favor.

Rallies can energize people to remain interested or get interested in issues and choose sides. With only 59.7% of eligible voters voting in 2016, rally sponsors of March for Life, the Women’s March, and others need to keep their followers motivated. So, there will be more rallies.

Rallies can build movements. Given the trend in voter-turnout and the potential for the electoral college to elect a minority winner, both sides need to persuade people to move to their side.

A movement needs a leader who can clarify the issues and hold people together. Where are the leaders? I’m waiting for one.


the majority support things the administration opposes? this is ALWAYS true, regardless of which party is in power. look at universal healthcare for a good example.

do you understand WHY trump won?