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Women's March on Washington Turns Into Global Day of Action


Women's March on Washington Turns Into Global Day of Action

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Women's March on Washington on January 21 has gone global, with over 600 "sister marches" planned in 57 countries that same day, as an international display of opposition to the far-right populism embodied by President-elect Donald Trump.

A map on the Women's March Global site shows the hundreds of events worldwide:


And no sex until men dump Trump.


Exactly my thoughts. Aristophanes' Lysistrata is the plot of universal feminine strength.


And the face of 'America' is the face of the world what the racists here hate since their idea has always been a white America. The fight must be in the Belly of the Beast--capitalist, racist USA. Thanks to all the global citizens everywhere! Solidarity!


The women's movement needs to define specific issues and fight Trump on specific causes. Start with Devos for secretary of education and the guy that will gut ACA and health care for women and children..


Drifting further and further into the wilderness.

Certainly the Soviet Union was seriously flawed, but by focusing on social class, on Labor vs. Capital, the Left won a revolution and radically improved the position of women and minorities as a result, to the point that women's rights and minority rights moved far ahead of those in the West without ever having a women's movement or any type of race-based movement.

The plutocrats have divided and distracted the common people over the last few decades with Identity Politics, and the further we wander into the wilderness with it, the more political power and wealth the plutocrats accumulate.

First, we have to defeat Identity Politics and get back to a movement based on social class, for achieving equality in that leads to every other type of equality. Then, and only then, can we defeat Trumpism, Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce, the Intelligence Agencies, the Corporate Mainstream Media, the Military Industrial Complex, and corporatism itself.


Sounds interesting, and I'm sure we'll see some news coverage. For masses of the more fortunate, tomorrow's another working day, and they don't have the time or money to participate in the festivities. For so many others, it will be another day in hell as they struggle to secure adequate food and shelter to get through another day. And life goes on in this final stretch of "America as we knew it."


Why can't Conservatives just acknowledge women as equals?

Seriously, it's not that hard to do.


Agree (strongly), but somewhere back in the 1980s, America lost any concept of "the common good." Without this, and a unifying message, there is no movement to push back against (what does meet the definition of) fascism.


Very wrong. The left are the few who have dared, on occasion, to point out the very factors that have split us apart by class and race. Liberals have wagged their fingers and shouted, "How dare you be divisive!" Well, they dare because, at the least, it's impossible to correct a problem if you don't even acknowledge that the problem exists.


" ....have split us apart by class and race."

Regarding race, which race, exactly, is responsible for doing all of what you call "splitting" but the rest of us call racist discrimination?

And regarding "splitting by class" which class is doing what you call the "splitting" and what kind of alliance are you proposing between the splitters (capitalists) and splitees (workers)?


I'm sick of identity politics as well. When will all those White male whiners shut the hell up?


Totally different place. Russia never had racist slave plantations, and the don't have racist Jim Crow.


I hope you are correct that we see news coverage - I am not holding my breath. Nothing tonight...


The folks killed in their pogroms might not see your distinction.


Working hard again I see, for the corporate state.


And then, there are people like yourself that lie about OWS, and do your best to change the focus away from the real culprits that have systematically attacked the middle class and the poor.

Nothing seems to irritate you more than movements for social and economic justice.


Ok...so, human rights only apply to the US, minorities, LBGTQ, but absolutely not to the ones who were hit by the 26,000+ bombs dropped by the Obama admin. in only 2016???? I just don't get it with you folks who say you so care for your fellow humans, when the one you are 'hating' wants to stop that crap...stop the war Hillary/Obama want(ed) with Russia, the continued wars in the Middle east.
Do you realize that 8 wars were 'raged' by the US/MIC/estab/Obama over these last 8 years???
I cannot get my head around how you cannot see what you are saying/supporting.
Can we not break the establishment that most people are against?
Why go against the 'Hail Mary' pass from (the only non-lawyer, non-bought candidate) the one who was elected, and get behind him, instead of protesting? WTF????
I am so confused by some of my fellow man. (damn...is that bad to say? should I say my fellow its?)


Because women were declared sub-human by the three desert religions, and their subjugation continues to this day.

I'm just finishing a book titled, "Women Without Superstition: No Gods, No Masters", a compendium of the writings and history of the women who fought for equal rights, abolition of slavery, an end to child labor and other major issues of the 18th and 19th centuries. Six hundred plus pages of wisdom.

"Listen to women...for a change."


I'd say America lost the "concept of the common good" in the 18th century when it decided to eradicate the native population and import millions of slaves from Africa, while denying women equal rights.