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Women's March Sets Off in D.C. as 'Sister Marches' Take to Streets Around the World


Women's March Sets Off in D.C. as 'Sister Marches' Take to Streets Around the World

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Women's March on Washington is set to begin at 10am EST Saturday in Washington, D.C. Responding to the frightening rhetoric of the past election, the marchers are demonstrating a show of solidarity "in numbers too great to ignore," the organizers write, to fight for human rights and inclusive communities.


Good luck to all of us. Resist!


Thanks for posting this.. excellent! Kshama Savant, what a lady!

Bernie will probably be too old to run for POTUS in 2020, but Kshama Savant will still be relatively young and I would love to see her run for POTUS in 2020 and become the first woman president.


Emily's list intro to Kamala Harris and standing next to her is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


Great march ladies. I suggest that the speakers don't scream. That said,



I read the article.
Taxing the rich is surely one of the prime sources for Bernie's programs, as is applying a small surtax on certain security transactions, but what I do not understand is, why no one mentions our humongous "defense" budget. We could easily cut that in half and still have the largest military budget on the planet.
A huge benefit of such a move, would be, that the rest of the world could relax a bit and funnel more of their funds into programs to lift prosperity in their own societies.


I expected boos when DWS spoke, but no...


Michael Moore said we need to get rid of the old guard Democrats. We need an enemies list:

  1. HRC
  2. DWS
  3. Obama
  4. Every Democrat that takes Wall Street bribes below


I would add All the People with Direct Online Democracy.


I heard that Melania wanted to join the Womens March today, and Donald had to put his 'little' feet down, and tell Melania that she had to sit next to him at the National Cathedral, then go to the CIA. VERY SAD!


Troy, This list would include thousands. You left out Pelosi, Schumer, the entire Democratic Party Establishment, DNC, Booker, every Senator and Representative that supported Clinton over Bernie.They all need to find new jobs outside of government. Corruption in Government needs to be eradicated.


Thanks Pony Boy


These women are so demanding. They seem to think that they are actually people and citizens. The nerve.


No one paid attention. Lines grew at the loos.


I think these women do not speak nor represent the majority of women in America. They are brainwashed by liberal values that were destroying the moral history and all the goodness in our country. Abortion is an act of violence against unborn women and has caused a genocide of blacks in black communities. I'm against violence in any form so cannot support these pro abortion women. Many women in this country do not oppose Trump.due to this cause for the fight for the sanctity of all life. We embrace God and his teachings not what is popular in Hiollywood. We embrace Trump as he brought back God into our silenced to God country. We cannot unite as a country without God or beliefs in a higher power. These women do not represent all women in Ametica as they believe in abortion, open sexuality and lack of moral terpitude. Many of these women who spoke were profane yet judge other who are profane They have terrible ideas based in Marxist beliefs which fail to solve social injustices. Tthey are hypocrits as they are rich and do not understand the lives of forgotten people whom are poor. Many women did not participate and if you got only 1 million women to march out of 100 million women in America your march failed. So do not act like your sedition was successful. I t was not. God and good will win in the end no matter how many women cry over spilt milk. America spoke and liberals lost.


that is a lie Melania believes in pro life she would not habve marched with these immoral women nor would I as the womwn who marched advocate violence and profanity. They are violent women as their profanity proved.


No way, progressive ideas are restictrive, fascist and failed over the last eight years. Progressive ideas based on Marxism bankrupted our country. Liberals left us laughed at throughout the word and we are morally bankrupt due to atheistic minority having power over a moral majority. You failed, so take your Marxist ideas and go live in China or North lKorea who force beliefs and values down their peoples throat. You will be mush happier there with likeminded rulers and their people. Christians stood up this year and we got our voice in Trump. Immorality will no onger be tolerated and abided. Hollywood elites are your Gods instead of God. Democrats embrace racism, profanity, violence, exclusion and abortion because your party was founded on the tenets of supporting slavery to your ways. NO MORE. You are party of racism not Republicans, we freed the slaves while Democrats fought for how how wonderful slavery was for the slave. You haven't changed over the years as you are still enslaving others to your narrow way of thinking and how you restict free speech. Free speech does not exist with all your petty political correctness to your values and beliefs. i reject you and your immoral beliefs.


Troy, Thank common sense. How are we as a nation to move forward if we keep voting for the same two political parties, and expect them to operate different than they have for decades? That Troy, is the definition of insanity.


We managed to take a huge step backwards by voting for one of the two major parties. Of course to the truly politicall sophisticated it made no difference at all. One of the boons of being a White progressive.


Not 'we' Bill. The 120 million who voted on November 8th. I was not one of them. https://www.google.com/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/12/02/icelands-radical-pirate-party-asked-form-next-government/amp/
Our country would do well to adopt the 'Pirate Party' as shown in the link above. In Iceland, the Pirate Party vows to stamp out all political corruption. Our country desperately needs this. Political Corruption is destroying our Democracy and has been for decades. Check it out.