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Women's Rights Groups Vow to Fight Back After Trump Throws 'Bone to Anti-Choice Base' After Midterms


Women's Rights Groups Vow to Fight Back After Trump Throws 'Bone to Anti-Choice Base' After Midterms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Women's rights groups vowed to fight the Trump administration's official policy allowing some companies to opt out of providing birth control coverage to female employees, after the policy was finalized late Wednesday.


What ever happened to the separation of church and state?


It died in 1954 when we put “under God” in the middle of the pledge of allegiance…when we put “in God We Trust” on our money…when we started opening government sessions and events with prayer…when th White House started holding an annual National Prayer Breakfast


Would someone explain to me if they can why would Trump/Pence want so many children born when they show little love for Life itself and others outside their narrow definition of “family”?


It’s a fair question, but what’s happening here is the government’s rewriting its laws to once again allow “employers at will” to discriminate based on the personal bigotry/superstition of their owners, not government “making a law” that does so—which, for now at least, is prohibited under 1st and 14th amendments.


Another reason we must liberate healthcare from employers. Period. Expanded and Improved Medicare For All!


Best suggestion yet!


Now they will attack…birth control !
In Kavanaugh hearing, he stated. BirthControl is just chemical abortion. Sick distortions again.


More White Nationals to vote republican?


With trumps backers, the Evangelist Cults.


I guess the destruction of over 60 million human lives (in the womb) is still not enough for those people.


By “white nationals” do you mean Americans who happen to be white? How do you feel about Americans who happen to be black?

Have you also been convinced to hate your own race?


Also, we have population explosions all over the world including the USA> Why would they want a world where there were not enough resources or they only care about the unborn like a cult?


I always have to “laugh” when I hear a man say that. When you have a womb, you can talk.


How about separating children from their families at the border? I guess that does not count because they are not white. Same thing happened to the tribal people- sayings like “get the Indian out of the man” bounded across society… Stealing their children and sending them to boarding schools , forbidding them to speak their own language, beating them and cutting their hair- I guess that is okay for these folks. Also rights of the unborn is all they care about. Sounds like an insane cult! War is okay, guns are king, etc.


Hey, when you have menopause, please write an article, and show us the proof!


It was really never there to begin with- it was freedom of religion - not from religion. Wish we truly did have separation of church and state. Also, not all people go to a church.


When KKKKavanaugh accused molester develops a womb, and also practices birth control, that will be the day indeed along with Pence and the sociopath in chief.


Again, this is a personal decision - when was the last time a politician gave you a check up or came into your bedroom?


I have not been to a church in years, however, my faith sustains my spiritual self.