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Women's Rights on Chopping Block in Trump Budget, Leaked Docs Show


Women's Rights on Chopping Block in Trump Budget, Leaked Docs Show

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump wants to cut all funding to a State Department bureau that promotes women's rights around the world, according to documents leaked to Foreign Policy this week.


It really took "leaked documents" to figure this out ?

Trump's stance on women's issues has been unequivocally apparent since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015.


This is why women have to stop asking and just start demanding, with emphasis and prejudice. There is no going back, no matter what these troglodytes want.


The internal budget document shows that the president wants to merge the State Department with USAID, the federal agency that administers humanitarian assistance around the world, and funnel money from numerous aid programs to national security initiatives instead.

Trump & Company are de-funding every social program and safety net they can get by with knowing full well that many, many households are so strapped that funding these these social programs and safety nets privately are an impossibility.

There is petty. There is mean. Then there is evil. Trump & Company -- in orchestrated unity with the other ruling elites -- are redefining the depths of evil. Further lining the pockets of the ruling elites over crumbs to those in need is as evil as it gets.


But, but, but isn't the reason his precious one (Ivanka) went to Germany was for Global women's rights? Did she not assert just how supportive of these rights her genetic donor was? Both these wanton wicked wastrels are despicable.