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Womp, Womp: Racism in a Cage


Womp, Womp: Racism in a Cage

Robert C. Koehler

“We offer your love to all of our children . . .” the Episcopal priest said, her eyes closed in prayer. Some 170 people were gathered around her, as she stood in a gazebo in a park in Huntsville, Ala. This was one of the 700-plus protests across the country last weekend, as Americans gathered in unity and outrage over Donald Trump’s cruel treatment of immigrants and their children at the southern border.

“Womp, womp!”


I think America, even pre America with a uk accent was a 'womp womp" place. I read that Ben Franklin was really worried about all those people coming here and speaking GERMAN,---- sigh-----he was worried English would die away, or maybe it was worry about not being able to write English and instead have to speak and write in German. Sadly, as human beings, we all have creatures in dark corners that can leap out like NIGHTMARE on ELM STREET.


The counter-protest in Huntsville, and all others whose answer to any problem means pulling a gun, are indeed “deplorables”.


Yeah. The US was populated in large part by peasants, illiterates, and people on the verge of destitution looking for an opportunity to get out of the slums of London or the small villages where the commonly held and worked land had been seized by the wealthy and fenced in, under the Enclosure Acts. These folks had to scramble just to survive–the dog-eat-dog, anyone who isn’t just like me is a threat constructs they developed in the “old country” came with them to the “new.” And has endured. A lot of Americans are still functioning like their 18th century ancestors. Arrested development. Womp womp.


So very true…


on thursday morn i asked my duckduckgo search, “what does womp, womp mean?” i found one article that explained that just reading the term can be confusing, but to watch the video below and actually hear the the tone as corey lewandowski responds, “womp, womp” can make the meaning clear.

too early to have my sound on so i returned the nest day and found the following message, “video no longer available.” :unamused:

you know, we need to go beyond praying. prayer is a means of focusing the mind and spirit on a desired goal. that’s step one; step two is the follow through with words and actions toward reaching that goal.