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'Won't Accept Destruction': Global Communities Line Up to Ban Fracking


'Won't Accept Destruction': Global Communities Line Up to Ban Fracking

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Around the world, resistance is growing to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as more and more communities line up to ban the controversial fossil fuel extraction method from their lands.


Is the Queen of Fracking paying attention? Is it to much to hope her global efforts in pushing fracking were all for naught?


It appears that the world is no longer afraid of American power.
That's going to drive the neo-cons and Hillary nutz.


It has been quite awhile now since New York banned fracking and so far no other state has followed. It was certainly hoped by many people that other states would follow the lead of New York, particularly as data seems to be accumulating about the harmful effects of fracking on health. It is virtually certain that there will not be a national ban on fracking. The US is now too dependent on natural gas from fracking for such a ban to be enacted and there are also many jobs at stake, local economies involved, and corporate profits at risk to make a national ban politically feasible. Any bans are much more likely to be done by states and of course local governments. Right now fracking accounts for about two-thirds of US natural gas. And natural gas accounts for about one-third of US electricity generation. It would appear that we need much more solar and wind power before serious reductions in the burning of natural gas for electricity generation can occur.


Yes, I am familiar with how natural gas in "taking over" in the Southern Tier of NY... there is an area in which, since about 2005... the first building went up on some very good, very old farm land...It is now a thriving warehouse for one of the biggest corps in the US... If not in the world... now, we have also, a, can top manufacturing company, building next to that... a U.P.S. going up next ... already... a NATIONAL RESERVES, unit next to that... and ... now, all that land looks like an industrial park.
So, tonight, I had to go past that area to pick up my husband from work... we are down to one jalopy car... I asked the guy with the "stop" sign.. in the construction area ... what is that metal plate in the road that is REALLY bad for my tires... ??? He said, it is for the pipe... So, I said, "what pipe?" .. .he said, the one that goes over there....(pointing to the new building)... I said what is it FOR... he said..."Oh, for the natural gas."... (he was quite young).... So, there you have it... all that natural gas...
helping to build an INDUSTRIAL PARK ... where good farm land used to be... since I was very young...and before I was born.... OH.. AND ... within the last say,4-5 years... they have ALSO... dug up the huge farm field for gravel... GRAVEL... FOR FRACKING IN PA... I would imagine... we have MULTIPLE gravel pits within very small radius... in just 6-8 miles .. there is about three... along the Susquahanna River...


What these good people don't realize is that there is no such thing as "clean green" energy that can produce electricity.
ALL those high tech devices that produce electricity are as dependent upon TEMPORARY resources as your car, computer or cell phone, they are NOT "renewable" because they need NONrenewable resources to exist.
We are being LIED TO about these devices, they cannot replace oil, they produce NONE of the raw materials we now get from OIL & natural gas & they are an intermittent, unreliable, weak source of just electricity. To be useful, they need energy storage & a fossil fuel backup for when the wind doesn't blow or the sun don't shine.

Energy storage is a HUGE problem with those "renewables", batteries use non renewable resources some of which are scarce, pumping water uphill to a storage resavore (Useless "spell check"!) uses as much energy as can be generated by water falling through a turbine.

We cannot power this civilization with those non "renewable" renewables, as oil goes away, so will those solar panels & wind turbines & we will again be left in the dark forever.

Our "future" will not be like the "Jetson's" it will be back to the stone age, for those that survive the collapse that is.


Bull Shit,




Look up pictures of rare earth mineral mines... they don't look much different than tar sands mines...check it out...you must understand... our problems are not just about what we use for energy... it is our EXPECTATIONS... look up Tim Garrett's peer reviewed study "Civilization is a Heat Engine",,,, then come back and talk.


Oooops... think I thought you were talking to a different person...


You really need to study more


That's OK I just ran out of patience with the apologists and your point is valid. The only difference is that rare earths use is less distructive but mine tailings are never restored by corporate sociopaths.