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Won't You Please Come to Chicago/For the Help That We Can Bring

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/10/28/wont-you-please-come-chicagofor-help-we-can-bring


Thanks, Abby, for reminding us that the Chicago 7 were once the Chicago 8. Of all the defendants, Bobby Seale–chained and gagged in his chair–spoke the most eloquently to the state of our nation without saying a word.


I lived, and worked in Chicago for a year, coming from the west, had no idea what the city would be like, I was pleasantly surprised. Chicago IS a great city, as far as really big cities go. The so-called president of US though is a different story. He seems to be channeling the “know nothings” of an earlier age, as in he, and they, know nothing but greed, avarice, and contempt for any rational thing that does not result in their own enrichment. My last thought on this is that fascism is, has been, and always will be a much greater threat to people, the planet, and all living things than communism, or socialism could eber hope to be.


That last line was supposed to be “ever”, not eber. oops!

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I’m very proud of my former hometown! I lived there during the turbulent 70’s, where we had snowstorms that shut down the city, when the Daley machine was finally put down, and inflation made life quite interesting. On the plus side, I didn’t have to worry about the gas crunch because I had access to a marvelous mass transit system, from elevated trains to buses to cabs. Only a few people owned cars.
Crime? Yeah. well, it occurs everywhere. I lived at first in a dicey neighborhood, but I made friends with my neighbors, including the tenants in a house of ill repute(!). Chicago was livable. It was full of energy but also friendly.
Chicago, I salute you! Give 'em hell.


Chicago can Handle anything you got, bozo.

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I LOVE that sign: I could sh** a better president.

What a great bumper sticker that would be!


in the immortal words of Gilda Radner … neber miiind… :wink: