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'Words Are Not Enough': Biden Pushed to Take Bold Climate Action as US Returns to Paris Agreement

No explanation of why I am somehow dishonest even after I laid out my point-just more childish insults. You are only humiliating yourself, my friend…

Opinions vary.

True, but my previous my post was dealing in facts, hmhmhm…

Syntax much…you are particularly boring …You play fast an dloose with that word “facts”. You post a distorted opinion of my points and call that fact. Silly little man

Sorry for my typo, sorry that you can’t come up with an actual argument.

Also, your childish need to have the last word is adorable.

The last refuge of the right wing Troll - attacking the grammar. I’m glad to know that one particular part of my comment really finished you off, thanks for letting me know which part. It was a lucid and obvious response to your equivalent remark:

“How, I also ask, do you see progress being achieved? By some miraculous waving of a magic wand that suddenly makes America a paradise?”

Unlike you I, never suffered under the incredibly naïve delusion that 78 year old lifelong right wing extremist like Biden were going to come around and become a progressive under a tiny amount of pressure. Biden doesn’t care what you or I think, he never did and he never will. He works for the Banks and the Drug and Oil Companies.

So no, I do not honestly believe the way to force Biden to come to grips with the progressive agenda is by constantly insulting him?

What I do believe, is that you are not upset, even in the slightest about insults by progressives toward Biden, you are concerned about the presence of a real opposition to Biden, to the corporate democrat’s, and to the republicans’ right wing agenda. I’m sure the hope was that after the fixed primary election resulted in a Biden /Trump standoff, that everyone would fall in line and support the fascist son of a bitch.

Perhaps you thought that the progressives were just an anti Trump group and once he was gone they would shut up and go away, as usual.

Any half wit could see Biden is not and never will be a progressive. Are progressives supposed to roll over and praise him every time he insults us with his incrementalist approach to diffusing progressive momentum. Status quo democrats have long proven that they are not listening to progressives, they always listen to republicans.

There never was any chance of reform with these fascist, not for one second. The last thing I will ever do is stop insulting them because they have sent their right wing tolls to quiet the criticism.

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Says a mouth breathing moron who wont shut up!
OMG how you just humiliated yourself.

Oh my goodness do you go on, and without a shred of accuracy or intellect.
Your post is just the ranting of a childish temper tantrum containing absolutely no accuracy about my positions or opinions.

I dunno…I was the one who was actually giving arguments. You failed to address those, and then just started shrieking insults at me when you realized you were losing.

Also, I like how you reacted to me calling out your sad need to get the last word by obediently trying to get the last word.

LOL, there appears to be something seriously wrong with you.
When I respond to your sniveling sophomric BSi t is a bad thing, when you respond with more distortions, more lies and less honesty that is fine…
You need to seek help.

Wow, still? How obsessed are you with this exchange? And apparently I am the one who needs help, hmhmhm…

Also, seeking the last word just like I told you to. I like obedience.

Yet you are so abysmally stupid as to see how your own perpetual responses, containing sophomoric stupidity brands you…hilarious.
All you gotta do is stop, an d, maybe ,after a year or so people will forget how much you revealed about your nasty personality and penchant for lying…

And again! Not only that, you are still completely lacking in basic self awareness. I can’t help but notice more people commenting have mocked you than me. Also, still reliant on inaccurate personal attacks I see.

The attacks are quite accurate in fact.

Which you just asserted with proving. You know, because you can’t actually prove them.

Also, lets see just how desperate you are to have the last word, hmhmhmhm…

I do so pity you, you must lead a very lonely life to have descended so low and seem so desperate for human contact.

Again, more baseless insults and more of your chronic need to get the last word…

Who is really pathetic here, hmhmhm…

You , obviously.
You wish to not get in the last word then STFU. Its really simple.

Whatever you have to tell yourself in order to sleep at night, hmhmhm…

Also, no. denying you the last word when you clearly need it so much is much too fun.

It’s an interesting delusion… considering I have absolutely no emotional investment in trolls in general, but thanks for proving my point. It would seem you are of the opinion that you are always right, (no pun intended), despite the mountain of evidence conclusively proving otherwise - and absolutely none which supports your superstitious and unsubstantiated claims. As for having no shred of accuracy or intellect, I can’t see how I would possibly be able to get away with that legally, since you right wing fanatics have the intellectual property rights sewn up for mindless and unsubstantiated babble. Your positions are no more sound and scientific than those of the Catholic church, the US corporate media, and Qanon, all of whom mirror and espouse your irrational conclusions. In fact its hard to separate out whether they have adopted your position or vice versa.