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Workers and Shooting Survivors Slam Walmart Plan to Stop Gun Violence by...Wait for It...Displaying Video Games Less Prominently

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/workers-and-shooting-survivors-slam-walmart-plan-stop-gun-violence-bywait

The CBC carried a program on the links between Violence in the USA and video games on its radio broadcast shortly after these latest shootings. There a study done on these supposed links and the authors found no correlation between violence in video games and violence in the USA. They included in these studies comparisons to other Countries where the same types of games popular and a measure of violent incidents in the USA after the release of a major title that portrayed violence. They could find no correlation and in fact found that when the numbers of a given violent video game spiked , there was a drop in real world violent acts inside the US.


Friends don’t let friends shop at Walmart.

Boycott all things Walton.


Boycott Walmart is right. Boycott Amazon too. Buy local and support small, green biz


Wal-Mart started out as a regional business, catering to the white rural poor of the South. As a catchphrase, Sam Walton said that all items the store sold were made in America, meaning made by non-union workers. Since that particular demographic has the gun as a totem(read Joe Babeant’s Deer Hunting with Jesus, the chapter titled Valley of the Gun to get a taste of it), it makes sense that, even as Wal-Mart went on to eat the world, it would make firearms a large part of the store’s inventory. And the Waltons will never change it, no matter how many billions that family has.


In other news, evolving school dress codes are predicted to eliminate in-school erections in all adolescent males by the year 2525, if man is still alive…

Check out the patrons of Walmart. Do they, for the most part, look like people who can afford to shop anywhere they want. If other stores were as affordable I am sure they would shop there.
It used to be Walmart was about the only place selling goods produced in foreign markets. Now many stores have followed suit.
In other words, I don’t think the decade old boycott is working.

I dont know what to make of that. Do you believe that to be true?

Well truth is that that there are about 400 million guns in the US and about 100 million gun owners. Out of the 40,000 gun deaths 30,000 are suicides. So there’s about 10k left. Most of those are gangbangers offing each other (some of which, BTW, gets classified by some organizations as mass shootings). I am pretty sure most, if not all of those guys are prohibited from owning a firearm.

So the problem is not the guns themselves but certain individuals who should prolly be locked in padded rooms or behind iron bars.

To a degree. The Japanese spend more hours per week playing violent video games then do the Children in the USA and they do not go around applying that violence to people around them.

The authors of the study speculated that one reason there in fact less violence after a release of one of these titles is that the people playing the games are stiing at home in front of a console or TV rather then going out in the street to get into trouble.

I myself think there a number of factors involved. When I note the US Military behing a lot of these games that are targeted to 15 year olds I tend to think the Military thinks they play a role in creating a crop of new recruits. At the same time Countries that are less Militaristic culturally might have Militaries that do not see any potential.

I am no fan of Walmart, But it stopped selling assault-style rifles in 2015 and stopped selling handguns in the 1990s.

buy less crap. i’m not rich and have never been to walmart. boycott isn’t working because not enough participation. Conscious consumption is lacking. the connections are not made and we remain unconscious of our impact. Vote with your dollars!