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Workers Gear Up for Major May Day Strike in Pushback Against Unsafe Conditions Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/29/workers-gear-major-may-day-strike-pushback-against-unsafe-conditions-amid-pandemic

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I absolutely stand in solidarity with all workers every day! without them where would I be at age 86 - unable to obtain food, drink, healthcare, whatever else I need daily. Bless them all for putting my needs ahead of their own for safety and survival. Support your workers wherever you live and shop, in person, online. May Day - this Friday and every day. Remember to say thank you to the deliverer of your online order, to the clerk in every store you go into, for being present so you could be present. thank you. a retired worker librarian.



Not sacrificial lambs


I support these people in their effort to get “them” to take notice and demand from “them” some way to survive during the c-virus pandemic. I will pay my rent as I don’t have any way to move if an eviction takes place. I won’t do anything else on the first of May. My food’s coming tomorrow from a delivery service as I don’t own a car. More power to the furloughed workers of the world. Unite and stay strong.

Good news. Hats off!

Union! Union! Union!

I suggest the workers strike from inside the plants and warehouses. Lock the place down from the inside so the CEOs can’t send in replacement workers because, so far, ordinary protests go nowhere. They either have to be massive or illegal–and it’s already starting in some foreign countries. In Italy starving people raided the local grocery stores and refused to pay. In Lebanon they’re burning down the banks.