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Workers — Not Employers — Are the Real Wage Movers and Shakers


Workers — Not Employers — Are the Real Wage Movers and Shakers

Harold Meyerson

“We’re too big and complicated a system to do anything in reaction to a particular group or something happening,” Karen King, who has the wonderful title of “chief people officer” at McDonald’s, said Wednesday, explaining her company’s decision to raise wages for some of its employees.

If you believe that, don’t go near anyone purporting to sell you a bridge, even if it comes with fries on the side.


The history of the American worker has all but been obliterated from the national discourse. Civics lessons….what is that? Social studies, Government classes, or anything that would inform the future generations of this country’s struggles has been replaced with studying for tests so that our purposely-starved educational systems can receive more money by forcing better “test-scores.” This is not an education.

I thrived on learning, what inspired me stayed with me, and what didn’t inspire me made me shite at being tested. Life is not a test. Life is forever a learning experience.

Where did we come from? Why are we here? How can you answer these questions when you do not have the basic skills taught to you? There is no foundation built into this present system.

No inspiration, no critical thinking, no inspired reading, and writing skills…just take your pencil and check the correct box. We give you the pencils and the paper and we tell you what boxes to mark. Like good little worker bees do as we say and you will pass and the schools will be enumerated in kind.