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Workers Stuck 'Paying the Ultimate Price' as GE Freezes Pensions for 20,000 Employees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/07/workers-stuck-paying-ultimate-price-ge-freezes-pensions-20000-employees


Also, keep in mind that GE PAYS LITTLE OR NO FUCKING TAXES! (While the workers are reamed!)
What a great system!!!


Anyone remember what all Jack Welch did as CEO of GE? Stuff like: laid off thousands of GE employees and made the remaining employees work harder. The only reason was to increase GE’s stock prices. Oh that happened for sure, but did the employees get any raises? Hell no. If I worked for GE, I’d do the bare minimum to keep from getting fired. Merit and productivity are NOT rewarded.


Corporate pension theft is horrendous, but many of these workers are getting their due karma, because they chose to work for the military-industrial complex of which GE is multi-billion dollar welfare baby.
They helped the American war crimes machine, and now GE betrays them…
karma sucks sometimes.


You may be technically right, David, but people have to work to survive. In the rotten economy created by the corporate Industrial state, workers don’t always get to pick and choose employment. It is a HORRIFIC Catch-22 for sure but it exists nonetheless.


The financial sector hoodlums have so twisted the system and have their heads so far up their backsides they think it clever to try a stunningly corrupt version of the activities of the ancient alchemical Ouroboros. Question being … will We the People - all 99% of us finally put our collective feet down (probably on the pavement) and say NEVER MORE!

resume true EVOLUTION


Time for the model of the cooperative.The workers have more collective focused knowledge of production than what are now predatory incompetents so wrapped up in their dire consequences that they off-load it rather than deal honestly with the fact that THEY are the ones who have destroyed any semblance of sustainable industry.

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Chainsaw Al Dunlop the same thing.

They became the new rock stars by slamming workers.

Propaganda works.


I understand worker desperation first-hand, but have chosen poverty over high-paying jobs that violated my ethics.
There’s a fine line between not having a choice and choosing something unethical.
I also note that every person I’ve met who works for the warmonger industries doesn’t care about the ethics of it, and indeed, building instruments of death for empire is something they’re proud of.
So I’m not sure we can let people totally off the hook for volunteering to serve the Empire’s war crimes machinery, no matter how dire their financial circumstances.
I’d rather die than work for war.


All these comments ring true, this is employment in bad faith and it doesn’t stop with the theft
of retirement. We really have to start asking more questions and paying attention because this
will continue until people wise up. You may not want to see this but Medicare for All is another

Disclaimer: I’m retired but this started a long time ago and it is only news because of how prevalent it is now.

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Oh how very principled and virtue signalling of you. And if you have a family to support you should make them pay the price too? How ethical.

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Please explain…

If you don’t understand the provisions and know (question what they are and how they change healthcare you are better off staying out of the conversation) There is a lot of propaganda around this issue.

This trend has been going on since Ronald Reagan’s first term, the large and small corporations hire these executioner CEOs pays them huge salaries and benefits and tasks them to raise stocks value at employee expense. Where are the 1920’s courageous revolutionary workers to stand up to the elite capitalist monsters again.


They need to strike against the GE and the likes, stop all work and blockade the buildings until the owner elites get the message. We have to hurt these pigs they are getting too rich and too powerful over the last 40 years.


It is revolution times again, without death and suffering now unfortunately nothing will change for the better. So the workers have to devise ways to survive with very little to sustain themselves while shutting down factories and all work.

No, fern. I just didn’t understand the CONTENT of YOUR post. I know about M4A. I READ THE DAMN BILL! (-:

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All dead…with many less currently available to take up the task.

Virtue signaling, lol, what a joke.
But it is a matter of principle, for sure, whether you choose to serve death or life in your job choices.
There’s almost always an ethical way to make a living, whether you have a family or not.
Volunteering to join the American military or make war machinery so our empire can kill other people’s families, how virtuous is that?


Great, maybe you can answer some questions for me then. Which Bill did you read?