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Working on Empathy and Other Concerns: An Open Letter to Donald Trump


Working on Empathy and Other Concerns: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Ralph Nader

"Please release your full medical records with the necessary technical details and explanations to give the public confidence in your health."

"It would help if you are seen working on your empathy for the tens of millions of deprived and innocent people, including children, exposed to various forms of risk and exploitation in their daily lives here and abroad whom you are adversely affecting." (Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc)


Perhaps I am one of the few who does not give a damn about Trumps health.


Mr. Nader, surely you must know that a narcissistic sociopath has no empathy to work on.


An open letter to Trump? Um, is Mr. Nader aware that Trump does not read?


That is because he does not own that skill. Having no self discipline little jonny never learned how to read.


But I love and respect Mr. Nader and if he want to write to a person who does not know how to read and who does not care what Mr. Nader thinks it is alright by me.


Will Trump’s health screening include a mental exam to confirm that he is a psychopath ?

If not , why bother ?


Me too.


Undoubtedly, he has some type of learning difference (not always a “disability”: i.e just as Sir Richard Branson says, ADHD is his “secret weapon” of creativity).

But clearly, not reading is a disability in a literate culture particularly as president, and following one who was an attorney, constitutional scholar, senator, expert rhetorician, community organizer and just f*&cking smart (unless you live in a tribal culture without literacy because then you remember 100 fold more than the average PHD American) but bozo can’t even remember people he has known for years

Maybe it’s dyslexia, or phonemic awareness issue, but as both as ex-teacher and one with ADD , it is as clear as day.


I am a parent of a child with learning differences, have taken classes on people with learning differences and have worked as a tutor for the same.

Whenever someone tells me that they do not remember names I think of this. If your care for people you will work out some way to remember their name because a name is an important part of a person and knowing their name shows that you care about who they are.

Learning for most of us is an active practice and requires work, some require more than others. lilllieingdonnyjon does not work for anything and never has because he is a “genius” and very dangerous conman.


I agree- but we should know about a psych exam if it can be honest. This is an A hat who refuses to show taxes, and insists that he is a “genius.”


I agree, and wish you and your family the best. I hope that your child is getting good services. I do know of some older people who sometimes forget names ( senior moment) . It is not intentional and happens to be common without having dementia. This con artist ( Tiny Hands) is dangerous, and the rethugs defend this food who is a con man, pervert, and inherited his wealth- never worked for anyone but daddy.


I think he has more than dementia. He is a narcissist and a sociopath.


He can have one to include a nuero psych which might tell that he has dementia.


And a racist pervert too boot.


Mike Pence is probably thinking the same thing.


Not true. The first job Trump had was a paper route. But he did use his daddy’s chauffeur and limo to deliver the papers on his route.


Well, it’s for damn sure that the idiot won’t ever read this. I love Ralph, but this was not intended for Drumpf’s consumption. Maybe if it had a naked pic of Ann-Margaret (his generation - GenCaveman) attached to it that would at least get his fleeting attention.


Good one!!!


Let us count his many ways of mental instability.