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Working on Empathy and Other Concerns: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

An excellent letter by Ralph Nader, whether the stable genius reads or not. I hope the mainstream media will publish it, but probably not.

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Yes. It is an excellent letter by Ralph Nader. Goes to show how much stuff can go on without anyone but the most vigilant being aware of it.


Right you are Garry! This is because, as we know, corporate media sources such as CNN are profiting from Trump et al. by focusing only on his malignant narcissistic tweets (or Russia or now, Oprah) while the world burns and fascism takes a deeper hold in the u.s.

“Cable news is happy to court higher ratings by covering Trump’s latest tweet, and Trump is happy to oblige by stirring controversy."


I am assuming this letter is rhetorical given Ralph’s level of intelligence.

More preaching to the choir, unless I missed something.

I do find it irritating (at best), disappointing and ultimately damaging when there is a hint of the possibility (rhetorical or not) that Trump (and the other pillars of the oligarchy) could morph into someone with empathy and the capacity for wise, critical thinking.

Thanks, Caroline.
I doubt trump and the gang can morph into anything other than what they are. Its too late to change the mold, they are hardened. But replacing Trump with someone like Oprah Winfrey who’s nature as far back as I can remember has always been toward the common good; now that… that might be a positive step. Would she actually really want to do that job at all though… now that it’s all so effed up? Cheers ~garry

Oh boy- I did not know that one. That figures.

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Ultimately, it is inescapable that the corporation(a 100% artificial entity) itself must be amended or, if necessary, abolished. Otherwise we will never throw off its ludicrously strong shackles.

The problem is Ralph, that Trump has no empathy. He has never had to travel in anyone else’s shoes. This man’s ego is astounding. I thought it was bad, but when he said the other day that people had the privilege of voting for him, it showed just how off into la la land this man is. We can only hope that we can survive until the next presidential election.
I say that, because the ass kissing that republicans are giving him means that they will not get rid of him no matter what he says or does. I have never seen such ass kissing before, and I certainly have seen ass kissing. From Graham to putting his lips so far up Trump’s ass after all the negative comments he made shows what little decency the republicans have.

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What a strange road that this country has travelled. The founding fathers hated corporations and stated they were evil beyond compare. They warned us about the power of corporations.
Yet now corporations are gods to be given everything, all money should flow to and through them.They are considered to be equal to a person with all the rights for the most part. I truly expect that sometime in the future, that a corporation will be given the right to vote and that it won’t be a single vote, but one determined by their money.

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I’ve been pointing this out on CD and other sites for quite some time, and SM, you are the first person who has replied affirmatively (thank you). As you know, we are in effect helpless before the corporation per se. There’s even a term of art in law: corporate veil. Certain members of a given corporation are literally shielded (veiled) from personal responsibility for those anti-social and/or illegal acts they commit. Even the phrase “limited liability corporation” (LLC) is telling. Who in theory doesn’t want their liability limited for a dubious or illegal act? The Citizens United decision further entrenched corporate power, so it will be even more difficult to rid ourselves of its pernicious influence. At the end of the day, we ignore the fact the corporation is entirely a fiction made up from thin air at our (continuing) peril.

What also gets me is that the people who worship at the feet of corporations call themselves christians. I seem to recall something about a golden calf, serving two masters, worshipping mana in the bible.
Of course today’s jesus is all about prosperity and making money. And of course jesus also tells them to forget about the poor, they deserve their lot.