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'Working to Turn the Clock Back,' Sessions' DOJ Reverses Stance on Discriminatory Voting Law


'Working to Turn the Clock Back,' Sessions' DOJ Reverses Stance on Discriminatory Voting Law

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Underscoring warnings that newly anointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions will not work to protect voting rights, news broke on Monday that the Trump administration is reversing its stance on whether Texas' photo identification law was enacted with discriminatory intent.


Weasels are known to kill just for the sake of killing...not for food...just for fun. This weasel has only just begun his killing of laws that run counter to his allegiance to the Confederacy, the KKK and Jim Crow...just because he can as AG. At this last CPAC gathering of malcontents, Bannon spoke the truth for once: the cabinet was chosen for DESTRUCTION with Beauregard leading the charge.


Not a time to question our leaders. Just follow them blindly and hope for the best, give them a chance. Who needs voting rights anyway?


Apparently when Trump promised to 'drain the swamp' he was referring to the 'swamp' of equal protections for people and the planet, not the swamp of corruption and greed.


The man is so dim even his parents feel sorry for him.


Parents? This slithering creature crawled out from a pile of sludge-covered rocks.


Why not just build a movement to get all those half-million people who don't have the "requisite ID" the requisite ID? So I guess they need drivers licenses or non-driver state-issued ID. How hard would that be to do? What am I missing?


On the surface, this seems a totally rational response. However, it totally misses the point. The supposed "need" for an ID is to combat a completely fictional case of voter fraud which doesn't exist and for which there is no evidence. This entire scheme is nothing more than an effort to enforce a racist agenda to keep "people who aren't like us" from voting, where the "us" is well to-do white voters -- i.e. Republicans.

If it were up to me, I'd let anyone in the country on election day vote, no matter who they are, or what their nationality or age. After all, given the out-sized impact of our country on the rest of the world, why shouldn't we let all the foreigners who are here on election day cast a vote on behalf of the rest of humanity who is, without doubt, adversely impacted by our foreign policy. And our children should have the right to vote as well -- our political system is wrecking their future even as we speak.

But I digress...on the issue of US adult citizens and their right to vote, what is this nonsense of even having to register in the first place. Every citizen should have the right to show up and vote. Every child should automatically be enrolled when they are born and then show up on the rolls when they turn 18. We have an arcane system, not designed to ensure the participation of all its citizens in our so-called democracy, but one to ensure that the powers that be retain control. Heaven forbid that the will of the people be respected. Ours is a corrupted system, designed to assure that people don't vote.

This is what you are missing.


Exactly and all they need is a social security card which they all have. Why not make them photo ID's at NO cost to the voter?


Excellent comment. I totally agree!

Thank you.


For more on this topic see this article: Study documents how strict voter ID laws suppress voting by people of color.