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Workplace Raids Are Not the Answer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/20/workplace-raids-are-not-answer

but there should be efforts to go after employers who hire those not legally entitled to work in order to get cheaper labor. This undercuts wages for all, and it undercuts employers who follow the rules and pay legit wages. We need an accurate e-verify system and to go after employers who violate labor law

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Barry, I couldn’t agree more. Until the employers of illegal immigrants are charged as criminals the issue of illegal immigration, driven by immigrants’ need for barely subsistence wages will continue. This dynamic is not unlike charging low level drug users with “possession” and throwing them in jail, instead of going after the dealers. In both cases, low level violators (illegal employees of avaricious employees and drug users charged with possession of a controlled substance) are detained in for profit jails and prisons. The enforcement of these laws simply promotes for profit privatization of incarceration. This is a fascist dynamic–collusion between government and corporate interests.

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Being here illegally is a misdemeanor. Hiring illegals is a felony. Tell me again why they aren’t charged?

What people need to realize is that it is we, the 99%, who are fed by field labor. When field laborers are abused and threatened, these are threats to the 99% who need to eat. Not just the interests of the table, but the sphere of life, the societal, civil sphere we share and KNOW!

We are not separate entities in the strategies of centralization and usurpation of power and resources. Think beyond the rhetoric and divisions. The divisions are to PREVENT coherent thought and consideration.