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World Animal Day Takes 'Dark' Turn as Interior Dept Denies Protections for 25 Species


World Animal Day Takes 'Dark' Turn as Interior Dept Denies Protections for 25 Species

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While Trump administration declines to list several species, GOP-led House committee advances legislation to "cripple" Endangered Species Act

The Pacific walrus


There will be no values placed before corporate profits.


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…mindless, heartless, gluttinous bastards. May they rot in Haedes…SOON! The Greedy Old Prixxs wield their pernicious, poisonous, deleterious power as always. They will surely rot from the inside out with all the destruction they are causing our nation, all life, and the natural world. And Zinke is a total zero as a human. What next, raiding zoos to hunt/shoot/kill “endangered species” that they de-listed? The Bald Eagle will be replaced on the US Seal with a vulture caricature:



So even animals are their enemies? Please stop this insanity, and demand that your rep in congress be ousted.


They do raid zoos with canned hunting.


The ranchers and their bounty hunters out in the Inland Empire have a new slogan for illegal wolf pack hunts, " Bag 'em and Bury 'em ".
At least they’re being honest about their intentions, which is to kill all the wolves, so they can graze their
pppppppprrrrrreeeccccious cattle on tax-payer subsidized, public lands.
Just stay off your public lands and you won’t end up like those wolves; this is god, guns and guts country, ya know.


This is more a knee jerk anti-tree hugger reflex by those who see anything a liberal would support as being the enemy. To them protecting a ‘spotted owl type species’ is what is keeping America from being ‘great again’! For them clear cutting the last remnants of old growth forest to build cheap lawn furniture is what makes America great. Saving species? Not so much!


I wouldn’t be so sure it is so knee-jerk. The Interior Dept probably got comments that these specific species were “bad for business” from specific businesses interests that have Ryan Zinke’s “pro business” ear.


More and more scientists are telling us that we have already entered what they refer to as the Anthropocene Age, the age where the Earth is deeply affected in a negative way by human activities. The extinction rate is about 1,000 times normal and ominously we have lost nearly 60% of vertebrate animals since 1970! Couple this with accelerating global warming and it is easier to believe that we have already started the 6th Great Mass Extinction event. This recent action by the Trump regime is suicidal in the long run but they simply don’t care that even their own grandchildren will live in an increasingly dysfunctional and blighted world. They only care about pandering to their donor base and the bottom line of profit. This is late stage capitalism at its worst and it could be the death of us all in the long run. That is the divide - nature operates over the long run and we manifestly do not. We were pretty damn presumptuous when we decided to assign the scientific classification Homo sapiens (“Wise man”) to ourselves.


I’m all for saving endangered species, though there is one species I would love to see go extinct and that would be OLIGARCHUS HUBRISIUS. Unfortunately because they refuse to die off they are going to make sure everything goes extinct. Of course they will die off then as well, but it will be too late by then.


Hopefully, they’re all too dumb to eat organically; and, will soon be wheeling around with Poppy Bush.


These fucktards need to be locked in a (not very large) hermitically sealed room for a week or so to learn something about ecology.


Yes, Seatower, Brucebennett and all of you. I could not agree more! Unfortunately, I believe that


Ha ! I hit the “enter” key by mistake. All I want to say is that I believe we as Humanity have done our irreversible damage on the planet. We have set off a course of events that are underway now and will raise global temps that will STOP global food Production. I am sorry to say that we are FUCKED!


GOP does not give a fuck about the Endangered Earth, so why would they give a fuck about Endangered Life on Endangered Earth?


This just in: Republicans Declare Life To Be a Threat to the National Interest.


Hunch. these are the animals that stand in the way from the Trump crime hoodlums blowing-up, clear cutting, detonating, drilling, fracking, and just destroy Mother Earth are national monuments, parks, and so on; for more filty lucre.


More hunch. The walrus is a deception to take your eyes away from the smaller animals in which this whole evil is about, mining, fracking, clear cutting forests, etc in our national monuments, parks, and so on.


They might also learn about the wonders of the greenhouse effect, by placing that room built with reinforced plastic out in the middle of Death Valley.


It’s at moments like these when I hope the nuns who taught me in grade school are right…i.e. that there is a hell awaiting for some. For it would appear to be the only fit punishment for all those who would sell both their own souls and what the religiously-oriented call, “God’s Creation” (including all of us primates) for pieces of gold and silver…