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World 'At the Very Edge' of Nuclear War, Warns Pope


World 'At the Very Edge' of Nuclear War, Warns Pope

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Warning follows Pope Francis's call for nuclear weapons to be banned.


there are only three countries that threaten nuclear war and China, France ,U K, Russia and India are not among them.


Missed Pakistan? But, I got it.


Nuclear chaos and climate collapse: Who creates this ‘shit hole’ scenario?


The best the Pope could do to prevent conflict over land and resources for a population of 7 and a half billion humans that far exceeds the biosphere’s carrying capacity, is to allow and promote birth control globally.


South America has become a safe haven for alleged child molester from the the US as part of a zero tolerance policy. The Pope will have to explain why he appointed charged or alleged pedophiles to positions within the church.