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World Audibly Laughs After Trump Claims His Administration Among Most Accomplished in US History During UN Address


World Audibly Laughs After Trump Claims His Administration Among Most Accomplished in US History During UN Address

Common Dreams staff

Just seconds into his address to the United Nation General Assembly on Tuesday morning, laughter broke out among the venerated crowd of global leaders and diplomats when President Donald Trump tried to claim that his administration has been among the most successful in the nearly 250 years of since the U.S. was founded.

"In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country," Trump declared before audible laughter broke out in the hall.



Ridicule is the answer to Trump. Non stop 24/7. Trump would have the biggest meltdown if this happened. Trump would simply implode.


I guess that nobody at the White House was smart enough to explain to trump that laughter is used at the UN instead of applause or standing ovations.



And what about the level of applause (if any) after the speech?


I just feel embarrassed for him.


I feel embarassed BY him.


And we should be proud of this? If I had to travel overseas a lot because of my job I would be telling anyone that asked that I was Canadian. I am 71 and he is DEFINITELY the worst Prez in my lifetime. Ya know the really funny thing, in my lifetime (in my opinion) we had three horrible Presidents, Nixon, Bush jr and this ass hole ALL Republicans. I also have to laugh at these so called conservatives that keep yelling Keith Ellison in regard to the Kavanaugh hearings. Let’s go back to Denny Hastert (pervert) in the mid 90’s until today and you will see FAR MORE Republican morons/perverts than with the Dems. Who is it with the family/Christian values??


I don’t know how you can feel ANYTHING toward this moron. Look at the reply GuildF312S says in a very few words, that SHOULD be anyone in this WORLD reaction.


He probably was hoping it would be like one his “speeches” in Bum Fuck Iowa.


Although not the praying type, I pray the devolution will be televised!


Warmup act for Trump 2020:


You are so much more generous than me…


I just watched the clip on YouTube. Trumps reaction to the laughter was telling in so many ways. I encourage you to watch.


Like the Star Trek episode where the alien creature fed on the fear and hate of the Enterprise and Klingon crews…they mocked it and laughed at it in order to defeat it. Great episode…


The whole world knows what a moron he is and laugh daily at his asinine antics, he is beyond pathetic, but believing himself to be the smartest human being in the history of the universe. He’s demented, plain and simple.


So true. He fits the description of a narcissist very well as they are in their own little world where (in their screwy minds) everyone adores them and they are the best ever. My brother is one and did terribly in school. He was interested in academics and had bad grades. But he has told his wife and son how SMART he was in school and how he always got great grades and how the teachers liked him. It’s a total fabrication, but he actually believes all of it. Just like Trump. They are in their own little bubble.


…“but that’s okay.” For him. Pretty relaxed, all things considered.


Well, after Trump is impeached, indicted, and incarcerated, once he gets out of jail, he can take his Stand Up Comedy routine on the road.

There may be crickets for a while but perhaps the old dinosaur Republicans like McConnell can keep him in business.


We notice that that doesn’t seem to bother or matter to Congress.


Our so-called president has made America the laughing stock of the whole world!