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World Audibly Laughs After Trump Claims His Administration Among Most Accomplished in US History During UN Address


Sad…but true


Normally I reach for the mute button whenever he shows his mug on TV, but this clip was well worth 29 seconds of discomfort. “I didn’t expect that reaction…?” Of course not, Donny. You’ve always been clueless as to how you appear to the sentient beings among us.


Good pharmaceuticals will do that for you.


No, I do not want to puke!


I hope it’s just that.


The level of narcissism involved is virtually limitless.


Remember when Hitler was ‘Man of the year’ on the cover of Time magazine in 1936? The world stopped laughing shortly after…


To think this guy is the central figure of a vast cult in the US is mind-boggling.


He definitely suffers from the shit-fer-brains syndrome. Just like his supporters and his enablers.


No Shanti, He’s the laughing stock of the world.

America has just been taken hostage for now.


And, good grass.


He really is a couple of courses short of being a fking dumbass


Hey there everybody, please help me out here! My impression comes from listening on the radio - but the human voice can be very telling: I have the distinct impression Mr. Trump is sedated in this speech about Iran &c. before the UN. I’m serious, and wondering:

A) Has anybody else noticed this?

B) If this is an accurate impression, who do you suppose is supervising the president’s medication schedule?


Those who voted for Trump, need to own their decision…of course, we know they won’t…


“Who is puffed up cannot stand,
Who is self-absorbed has no distinction,
Who is self-revealing does not shine,
Who is self-assertive has no merit,
Who is self-praising does not last long.”

From Chapter 66 of Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu, Victor H. Mair translation)

(380 BC is a traditional date, but many sayings in the Tao Te Ching can be traced further back to Artharva Veda ,900 B.C. or earlier).

The premise of the Tao is not a religious text, but as an instructional guidebook for the sage, the ruler, the supreme leader, the king.


Two minor edits, the first for clarity:
World Audibly Laughs At Trump During UN Address After He Claims His Administration Among Most Accomplished in US History — CD staff

. . . and the second for accuracy:
In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more [bad stuff] than almost any admin­istration in the history of our country.

Unbelievable!!   In less than two years Tweetle Dumb has done more harm to our nation than the Lying Son-of-a-Bush and his gang of war criminals and banksters did in eight!


At least he is honest.
His administrations HAS accomplished more than most.

Unfortunately, all of the accomplishments are both negative for the country and positive for the ultra-wealthy.


You can extend that thought to include those who support both Democrats and Republicans.


Well i watched the whole speech and wondered how he remembered all those lines. He didnt seem to be reading from a script. Did you notice hardly any mention of israel/palestine but lots on iran.


Maybe when the rest of the world stops laughing for a moment, they will BDS the USA. One can only hope.