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World Bank Funded Mass Evictions, Deserted Poorest Residents: Report


World Bank Funded Mass Evictions, Deserted Poorest Residents: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The World Bank regularly broke its own promises to protect Indigenous rights around the globe by funding projects that displaced or threatened the livelihood of millions of the most vulnerable people on the planet, a new investigation has found.


let’s see…is there a correlation between huge sums of money, wealthy elites running governments, philanthropy based upon capitalism, an everlasting infatuation with technology and consumerism, and mass evictions/exploitation of the poor and Indigenous peoples of the world…? Nah.


These are peoples, like most other healthy human beings, who are not just poor but living with usurpacious, capricous, parasitic powers that IMPOVERSIH!

We are not “post colonial” we are living with neo-colonial empire with knuckle-dragging feudalistic delusions and is blind to the true treasures of life, numb and addicted to its ‘fix’.

The peoples who are being displaced are precisely those who must live if the planet is to survive. Peoples who need to be assured of their traditional access to their traditional lands, waters, seeds, relations, biomes and ways.


ICIJ’s report comes as the World Bank is increasing its call for projects that require forced resettlements. On Friday, the bank will begin its yearly Spring Meetings with the International Monetary Fund, where new policies will be considered. Some of the organization’s officials have expressed doubt over what the bank has called its “strongest, most state-of-the-art environmental and social safeguards,” but which critics say give foreign governments room to avoid complying with the bank’s standards.

Some of which organization’s officials have expressed doubts about those safeguards?

What are those doubts? That the new safeguards will not work or that they will work and get in the way of profitability?

So foreign governments are going to have room to “avoid complying” with standards that the Bank is not enforcing?

The expression “state of the art” primarily concerns technical developments, not laws and rules.

Some background concerning the relationship between the World Bank and the IMF would make this article more effective.

I appreciate the news about the ICIJ’s report. Even though it contains nothing that is really news to anyone who has been paying attention, it’s always good to have this stuff documented.



Looks like a great report on The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. A 2008 book helped me understand how these organizations operate. Hope I can suggest on Common Dreams site this easy read: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.