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World Bank's New Rules Condemned for Disregarding People and Planet


World Bank's New Rules Condemned for Disregarding People and Planet

Nika Knight, staff writer

Lending further support to the United Nation's characterization of the World Bank as a "human rights-free zone," the notorious lender is expected to approve new policies Thursday that have been widely condemned by rights advocates for endangering human rights and the environment.


Mr. most transparent president Obama keeps reminding us that his TPP and TTIP will strengthen labor and environmental regulations to end the travesties identified in this article.


The World Bank was created with the primary purpose of creating world markets for the world's largest corporations under the guise of helping those in need (with destructive, pernicious loans to start "small businesses"...yeah, right). Interesting how former executives of the World Bank move on to occupy any number of corporate boardrooms and/or cabinet positions in US (or other nation's) governments.


Interested in more info. on the World Bank and IMF?

If you can stomach it go to:



Still on the fence about these trade agreements? Watch this and puke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV2NZ9MQh0w
If your German sucks, cut the audio and read the subs.


The World Bank is a branch bank of America's oligarchs and plutocrats used to finance the plundering of natural resources world wide. On the other hand are the despots, corrupt officials of small and third world countries and some countries not so small. Offing a few protesters and activist wanting a better life will not stop a sweet business deal. So the World Bank wants to continue the sweet deals but please skip the gory details.


Whenever I read articles like this, I am convinced that we are on direct course for a new world war. This time, it will not a war of nations, but a war of classes: the corporate billionaires vs. the rest of us. It will be a pseudo-religious war, with propaganda at the forefront.The MSM is ready to go with inflicting the word "terrorist" upon anyone the government points its finger at, in order to sway public opinion. Many innocent people will be killed, whether as direct bloodshed or indirect action when the policies and environmental destruction take its toll on the population. I don't see it ending well for our species.


This is to be expected. The World Bank is a corporately driven institution to be used to cudgel the populations of developing countries into subservience to the bank's interest and by extension that of the corporate sector. We are seeing manifestations of this drive to corporate world domination in many areas from the halls of the United States Capitol to the streets of Athens, Greece. The TPP and the TIPP are also part of the latest reach for domination. Voting citizens of every nation must recognize this very real danger to our continued presence on this planet and vote accordingly while we still have an effective vote.


Along with the population shifts caused by the specter of drought and famine the inevitably of a class war comes closer by the month. The upcoming elections are going to determine which path we shall take..


World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim is a neoliberal extremist in plain view running a most powerful global hegemony.
For him, and legions like him everywhere, it is no matter the human suffering his ideology creates and perpetuates. Unnecessary suffering will continue because he believes this is just a natural part of running raw capitalist projects because this IS HOW IT MUST CONTINUE. IT IS THE ONLY WAY.
This will be the undoing of this fascist, authoritarian, aggressive, ignorant monster..
How long will it take?
Make your vote count - leave the corrupted center behind, forever.


The unemployed are excess labor.
Capitalists consider excess labor to be an undesirable expense requiring elimination.
Unless that labor can be put to work at low or better yet no wages, and then fed only a subsistence diet.
So which came first the Capitalist or the Fascist?


World Bank FU! The corporation farms are now in Africa, along with Monsanto, and other corporation evil tyrants who are bribing African leaders so as to force the locals off their farm lands they have been farming for centuries. The World Bank does not care where the farmers, and their families go. Many starve, many end up in a refugee camp, just horrible beyond belief. Furthermore, the evil anti-LGBT evangelical fundamentalists Family Life Network. is in Uganda preaching their evil, bribing Ugandan leaders to pass laws to destroy any one who is LGBT. If I had the ability, I would dearly love to be able to represent the African family farmers, and the LGBT community in Africa, because I would be kicking ass and taking names. I am non violent, but this has my blood boiling.


"In America everything is more important than the truth about what's coming."
I'd emend to read: "the truth about what is and what's coming." Otherwise, thank you, nottheonly1.


Environmental and Social Framework? Seriously, does an organization need a framework for doing absolutely nothing? The WB just gave a resounding FU to vulnerable global populations and mother earth in service to the profits of the ownership class. It is a constant struggle to check corporate greed in conflict with human rights and environmental safeguards in the US; the poor/indigenous populations of the world do not stand a chance against the Beast.


"while we still have an effective vote". Unfortunately, we are somewhat limited in that effective vote. It has been proven in the past and suspected in the recent primaries that certain voting machines can be corrupted quite easily. We need to have these outdated machines replaced by the November elections or replaced with paper ballots to help insure a true and honest tally of the results. Obama, Clinton, and Trump need to promote this now. Unless someone is afraid of losing in an honest election, this should not be a problem for any of them. Congress should approve the funding, if necessary, to assist those States with the upgrades or paper ballots. There should be no excuse from either Party not to promote this idea Now, before the November elections. There have also been allegations of poll workers not being properly trained or given misinformation by local officials. Our elections should be overseen and run by non-partisan individuals.


Our neo-Conservative, Libertarian leaning, Republican Party and our neo Liberal right leaning Democratic Party have been dragging this country, its military and its influence into the direction of corporate governance and the so called One World Order for more than Thirty years. When will we all realize that we have been, and are still being, duped by our Two Party system?
Trump is proving how stupid the voters are while Clinton is affirming the voter's total lack of rationalization and all the while the powers behind the politics are in control. Not at all a laughable situation to be in, but I am sure that there are those that are laughing.
We need to vote Third Party, a safe Party for now, to give us time to correct the politics and remove those politicians from office who don't represent the people or this country. The Libertarians lean to the right of the Republicans and want to Eliminate much of the Constitution under the guise of freedom, But they don't bring that the table in their campaign.
Jill Stein of the Green Party may not be on all State ballots, she may miss it by Three, having 47 States including the big electoral vote States. She may not have a lot of political experience but she has common sense and is against the TTP while realizing that companies and corporations have a place in our economy but not in control of it.
Many Party loyalists are comparing the results of the Bush/Gore election which has been proven to be unfounded to those who care to look it up.
This is not 2000, it is 2016 with the worst Two candidates we have ever been offered and told to choose one. Many hold their head in hand and whisper WTF!
WE as voters can pull the rug from beneath their feet and in this election and 2018 and 2020 we can seek candidates that will truly represent us.
We come together after storms, disasters and during war. Well, this is war, a war for our survival and the survival of this Nation. Jill Stein can give this Nation the time it needs.


This view, from this site, seems appropriate to link to after having read and replied to other commenters. http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/04/20/when-they-come-our vote Shall we vote Jill Stein and bring them all to heel during her term in the Oval Office or do we cow-tow and accept either of the lesser, of the lesser and seal our fate?


That was going to be my comment! I am travelling between two projects of that nature right now... both under "development banks".


Just in case you were still wondering, the Fascists did indeed win World War II.