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World Condemnation and 'Days of Rage' Begin Ahead of Trump Jerusalem Announcement


World Condemnation and 'Days of Rage' Begin Ahead of Trump Jerusalem Announcement

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"As always," noted one critic, the price of Trump's decision will be paid by Palestinians, "who have been sold out by U.S. support for Israeli occupation and apartheid for more than 70 years."


What a great gift for the MIC- more people pissed at the US that can now be called potential terrororistisez. What’s the point of wasting tax dollars on expanding our military and security agencies if we don’t have anyone to point those guns at? What a scam…


once again Trump excels at dropping masks. It’s hard to believe any Palestinian could have taken American “neutrality” seriously anyway. This just makes everything above board. And that’s ultimately good. The peace process didn’t just die. It’s never been seriously alive in the first place.

Everyone knows where they stand now.


This should raise the price for Delusional Donald’s head.
The cartels want him. Now the Palestinians.
The Mango Mussolini needs to conference with Erikkk Prince, again, for added security.
Eventually, the asshole will have no safe refuge.
The prick has got to go. A true White House disgrace.


What else could the world expect from an odious ignorant extremist tool living in the WH.

The occupation and illegal colonization of Palestine by zionist extremism/terrorism is a crime against humanity since the West allowed/created the theft. Palestinian culture has been intentionally with premeditation destroyed as part of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by zionist racism to take territory of others by force to be for Jews only - racist apartheid in every respect. The pathological Israeli zionist mythology drives expansionism and their quest/war for “greater Israel” - part historical deception and fantasy, part ordinary greed and overt criminal theft.

Destruction and/or theft of Palestinian lands, Water, homes, livelihoods, wholesale cultural repression, the Olive Tree, symbol of Palestinian culture, brutal violence and murder of every description, all have been part of the Israeli/zionist version of “Lebensraum” - their version of a previous racist criminal expansionism - a crime against humanity in every way just as it was in Germany pre WWII!

It is a tragedy the US has become so lap-dog complicit to Israeli/Zionist racist atrocities and utter contempt for International Law, but expected. The odious trump regime has shown the same contempt for near countless norms of humanity, war, environmental protections, government, ordinary people’s lives, and US law - America, the “special ally” of war criminal Israel now infected by their contempt for the lives of all others - what goes around eventually comes around and hopefully damn quick!


Your analysis is spot on!


More like 100+ years…not “70”. I have no words to express my disgust for the West’s rape of Palestine. It is a prime example of the “success” of the western press over more than 100 years to paint a picture of Palestinian terrorism, when the exact opposite is the truth. We speak with forked tongue.


Well, let’s look at it this way: by the time the building is up, the next prez will have been elected, and he/she can simply proclaim it to be the U.S. embassy in the capital of the sovereign nation of Palestine.


Yes the so called peace process was a distraction to buy more time to normalize the Israeli occupation while the Israelis cried “the world hates us”.


Trump is becoming one hell of a unifier of nations. He has managed to get leaders from Theresa May to Ayatollah Khamenei to so-called “terrorists” like Ismael Haniyah to speak in one voice in condemnation of the USA. That is one hell of an accomplishment. Maybe the old radical-strategy known as “the worse, the better” (cited by some leftists as the reason they voted for Trump) works after all!

May the USA soon be the world’s pariah.


hahaha. you must be planning on one hell of a sea change in presidential candidates! :slight_smile:
But hey, it’s good to dream big.


Another manufactured issue designed to draw attention away from the investigations by Mueller into the Trump gang… Another Infitada would certainly be icing on the cake for the MIC as well. A twofer. Every foreign policy person around Trump has to be hysterical right now knowing the chaos this could engender as well as the UN, current and former ambassadors in the greater ME region and Europe and anyone else rational.
And imho, the orange huckster is here to stay. There is apparently nothing bad enough he can do for the Republicans to take him down. If we had enough morally able and functionally adequate people left when the Trump era is mercifully over we might have been able to undo some of his worst damage but it is clear to me we will not have enough those people around to rebuild. Any of the people with the skills and character will have : died, been corrupted, left the country, or just up and became hermits just trying to protect their families and survive.
Who’da thunk my ‘kiddies’ and their kiddies would be around for the circling of the drain. Every parents’ dream… .


Yunzer, he’s going to help us. He really is. He already is.

Membership in leftist political organizations is up pretty big over the past year.

More people than ever are seeing the US for the country it really is, if not always here, certainly everywhere else.

Trust your comrades.


Germany’s Foreign Minister warned the US yesterday to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital because it will fuel rather than calm the conflict…


Remember, one of the most important, fundamentalist Christian objectives is to see the ultimate battle erupt in the Middle East cuz that’s when Jayzus comes agin.

Imagine no religion.


Yes, what a scam. In econ 101 they teach that all business is based on supply and demand and without a demand for your product, that business will go bankrupt.

The trillion$ war business is no different than any other business, it needs a demand for its war products and the last thing they want is world peace! Like General, Smedley Butler said: " WAR IS A RACKET".



The original Hebrews were BLACK AFRICANS.


And that is what the Crusades were all about… Destruction, bloodshed, and chaos…SOS, different day under the tyranny of the diabolical demagogue. DJT has NO knowledge of history, world politics, geography, geopolitics or diplomacy and what is worse is that he cares nothing about being informed. Typical for a narcissistic psychopathic sociopathic self-proclaimed monarch. The Jerusalem move is simply a wedding anniversary gift to his daughter and son-in-law, both conservative orthodox Jews. Zionists like Netanyahooo are celebrating behind closed doors.

Meanwhile Congress sits on its thumbs spinning.


Historically, “the worse, the better” (aka "sharpening the contradictions of capitalism) hasn’t worked. The German leftists who in 1933 though Hitler would be an asset to the left was the classic example.

Membership and renewed interest in socialism among young people predates Trump by several years…

So don’t think I’ve undergone a “miraculous conversion” or anything. I’m just thinking aloud at this point…come to think of it, this action of Trump is also strengthening the images of faschoid enemies of the left like Erdogan and Assad.


This move is not ignorant. It is totally calculated. There is nothing that Trump, Bannon, and all their ilk would love more than Jews and Muslims killing each other in open war. Plus, the more chaos there is in the world, the more Americans will be forced to fall in line behind him. It makes perfect, diabolical sense, really.