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'World Economic Fiasco': Thousands March Ahead of Trump's Davos Arrival


'World Economic Fiasco': Thousands March Ahead of Trump's Davos Arrival

Published on
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Edit News 'World Economic Fiasco': Thousands March Ahead of Trump's Davos Arrival

"The discussions between the richest one percent of the world and a man who fuels an aggressive atmosphere towards women and minorities has no place in Switzerland."

protest in Switzerland

Anti-capitalist and anti-Trump protesters took to the streets across Switzerland ahead of the U.S. president's expected arrival on Friday. (Photo: Tasnim News Agency/cc)

Ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump's arrival at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, thousands of anti-Trump protesters took to the streets across Switzerland, decrying racism, sexism, capitalism, and dirty energy practices.

"We are protesting against both Trump and the WEF," Young Socialists of Switzerland president Tamara Funiciello told The Local, denouncing the U.S. president as well as the meeting that brings together businessmen and world leaders from across the globe.

"The discussions between the richest one percent of the world and a man who fuels an aggressive atmosphere towards women and minorities," Funiciello added, "has no place in Switzerland."

Right now: Thousands rally against Donald Trump in Zurich, Switzerland. #WEF18 pic.twitter.com/7QRSs02CBz

— Fabian Eberhard (@FabianEberhard) January 23, 2018

Thousands of people marched in Zurich while hundreds descended on Geneva, Lausanne, and Fribourg. Their signs declared: "Trump Not Welcome"; "Switzerland Is Hosting Nazis"; "World Economic Fiasco"; "Racist Sexist Capitalist"; "Don't Touch Women's Rights"; "There Is No Planet B"; and "No Trump, No Coal, No Gas, No Fossil Fuels."

Despite patrols by thousands of Swiss soldiers and a ban on protesting in Davos, where the meeting is being held, Reuters reports that on Tuesday, "About 20 demonstrators broke through security to reach the Davos Congress Centre, holding banners and shouting 'Wipe out WEF' before they were peacefully disbanded by police."

Swiss marchers protest against Trump, break through Davos security cordon: https://t.co/2nkMju4FMB More from #WEF18: https://t.co/p0M8jBb2I0 pic.twitter.com/N9dyKVmLdA

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) January 23, 2018

"Trump is just one of the other people we disagree with. We've been protesting every year now against the World Economic Forum and if Trump comes or not we don't care," one protester in Davos, Alex Hedinger, told Reuters. "Trump is just, maybe he's just the best symbol of this world."

The U.S. president and several of his cabinet members are expected to arrive Friday, the final day of the WEF meeting, and Trump is scheduled to deliver a speech that White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said will bring the "America First" message to the world stage.

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re “…a ban on protesting in Davos, where the meeting is being held…”

Switzerland is becoming more like the US every day—establishing far-away “free-speech zones,” and paying armed guards to protect rich snowflakes from being reminded that some folks just don’t appreciate them.


“…bring his message to the world stage…”. What message, the message of hate and division? What a grand thing it is NOT.


Trump is little more than a sideshow at Davos and in the global capitalist economy. It’s about time that U.S. “progressives” grow up, take their eyes off Trump and deal with the horror of global capitalism, which pretty much has achieved political-economic hegemony in this biosphere.

Solidarity with the global protestors who pretty much understand that is class struggle for the survival of our species (and many others).


I hope this keeps happening to Trump, having the door slammed in his face as he comes to visit. He is an absolutely horrific, sexist, racist president. Everyone needs to go to the Real Clear Politics website to check out their polls page. It is a summary spread sheet showing the results of all of the major polls. Trump is getting very poor ratings in the poll and Republicans in congress are getting even worse. A strong majority polled indicated they believe the country was moving in the wrong direction.


President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 44, Disapprove 55 Disapprove +11
President Trump Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 43, Disapprove 54 Disapprove +11
Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 9, Disapprove 76 Disapprove +67
2018 Generic Congressional Vote Economist/YouGov Democrats 41, Republicans 37 Democrats +4
Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 37, Wrong Track 55 Wrong Track +18


Global capitalism knows no borders and will adapt its tactics of control as needed.


Davos is Trump’s belief that even his criminal history will be acceptable to the Davos crowd. All Trump needs that the rest have is a massive military that allows the US to be looted like Russia with the money laundered off-shore although maybe not in such a safe place as the US anymore. History shows starving sheeple get restless.


These numbers prove two things:

  1. The power of the voting population is almost nil;
  2. Voters in the U.S. consistently vote against their interests.


Great to see people protesting Trump. Keep it up. And there are about 20 people, cabinet members, etc. accompanying Trump, not just a few.


Yes, while labor is beset on all sides by “borders” (artificially created by capital). Pretty ironic, eh?


A little off topic but if you want to hear some freaky Trump stories listen to this:

Starts at about 22:40.



This feels nightmarishly close to what my parents described as the twenties. I remember the thirties as a child and the forties of course. Those were right out of a horror movie. people died from childhood diabetes and common ruptured appendix, from simple medical interventions. The war was most frightening and returning vets were generally haunted by their memories. PTSD unheard of… They lived out their lives with the horror show in their minds.


Some folks?


Kelly Ann Conway suggesting Trump speech to focus on America First is just what the world needs to know about our rulers intentions for them going forward.
“Never interupt your enemy when he is about to make a mistake”. N. Bonaparte


Jessica, while your humorous, but true, ‘take-off’ on the acronym of WEF, as ‘World Economic Fiasco’, instead of ‘Word Economic Forum’ is sharply critical of this gang of wealth crooks, I took the approach of extending the acronym to WEEF, the ‘World Empire’s Economic Forum’.

I was pleasantly surprised that the MSM, or at least it leading ‘opinion-setting’ member was very open minded and willing to allow commentary that many leftish, progressive-lite, and pseudo alt media sites might not have allowed.

As I noted to Kevin Zeese on his truly anti-Empire “Popular Resistance” and on “Counter Punch”:

I can’t help feeling that even that Old Gray Lady, the New York “Times”, is starting to think along the same lines as you and I, if they allowed this to be e-printed as a comment on Peter Baker’s front-page reporting on the Davos meeting of the ‘Empire Club’, eh?

Anyway, Jessica, if Davos is not the epitome of a Global Capitalist Empire Club — I don’t know what would better reflect this first in world history; ‘effectively-Disguised’, dual ‘Vichy Party’, ‘truly-Global’, and crony ‘Capitalist-fueled’ EMPIRE — which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country — and which can only be accurately defined, diagnosed, confronted, and over-thrown by ‘exposing’ this global cancer simply named “EMPIRE”.