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World Environment Day Provokes Warnings That 'To Care for Humanity, We Must Care for Nature'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/world-environment-day-provokes-warnings-care-humanity-we-must-care-nature

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Take care of nature? Hell, we can’t even take care of each other!


I think it is also because in US America at least and probably true elsewhere people don’t really care about their own selves let alone others.

Wow, that photo looks like “Paradise.” pun intended.

Maybe Gaia is already tired of us. She might place another call to the Universe and ask for another one of those asteroids-----which she did back when the dinosaurs were screwing up.

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When we say we must save nature tin order to save humanity, we say that saving humanity is why we must save nature. This is how far down the wrong road human supremacy has taken us. Since humanity is more valuable than nature, we must save nature to save humanity from the results of the human supremacy that assaulted nature to begin with. We’re saving human supremacy from itself. This is insane.

It is also environmentalism, which has always been saving nature in order to save humanity. Humanity is what matters. Nature is humanity’s servant. This is Descartes: humans can control nature. Now we have to save nature in order to save humanity. Descartes fucked up, didn’t he?

Descartes is human supremacy, but it’s hidden so deep in western civilization that those who know it’s there have to make an extreme effort to make it visible to themselves and others and can’t make it visible to others until they know it’s there, too. It was obscured by master obscurantists before people could read.

Human supremacy is western civilization. Western civilization and its influence killed this much of nature, by packing the planet with more precious humans than the planet can begin to support without cheap oil.

Cheap oil no longer brings a profit. Breakeven in fracked wells is somewhere between $50-60. West Texas Intermediate closed at $39 June 5. Fracked wells only produce for a short time because they are drilled into small reservoirs because all the big reservoirs have been drilled.

The economic “progress” cheap oil carried on its back will now all go away. Capitalism fails again. The life system will suffer while plutocrats kick back and ignore what they’ve caused since capitalism began converting life into money.

This is the bill that’s been in the mail for 300 years, when physicists told capitalists that infinite growth is impossible on a finite planet. Now we have to bail out capitalism, again, for destroying the life system that all life on Earth is absolutely dependent. This is why ecology was squashed for so long. Ecology told the truth we’re now seeing, too late to do anything planned. It’s another emergency brought to you by capitalism.

All that money can not become life again. Nature is gone for good, unless capitalism is forced to stop exploiting the life system and all that money is poured into a WWII-sized effort to get carbon out of the atmosphere and re-sequestered in the ground, ocean floors, and ice at the poles. It’s all going to have to go into the ground, because oceans are no longer accepting carbon. They’re carbon emitters instead of carbon sinks. Same with the rain forests.

Environmentalism was capitalism’s version of ecology, and it fucked nature, and a future worth living. It didn’t have to be this way but it is because no government is beyond old school corruption - the “C” word the capitalist press and media will not speak.

It was believed that diversity of the country, the sheer number of competing and countervailing interests, would prevent any single faction from riding roughshod over the others, but that was before the media was controlled by three giant corporations, the court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. FECand and the fairness doctrine was reversed.

If my memory is correct, It came out in the papers that the CU decision was a secretary’s error in recording the vote. SCOTUS was queried and their answer was that, yes there was an error, but since it had been recorded, it would stand. Of course, we all knew where the SCOTUS stood when it stopped the election count and picked the shrub to be president.
** In the 1930’s, the earlier fuehrer (AKA Adolph Schickelgruber, later changed to Hitler) is reputed to have said, “The only way to truly control a country is to control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.” When we look at what is happening here in the USA Fourth Reich, we can see that the new fuehrer and his schutzstaffel have learned their lesson well.
** Heil Pffft!
** ;-})

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