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'World Has Never Seen a Threat to Human Rights of This Scope,' UN Rights Chief Says of Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/world-has-never-seen-threat-human-rights-scope-un-rights-chief-says-climate

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I hear the alarm bells ring, I hear people saying sometimes the right words and yet no action taking place. On the 20th there is suppose to be action taking place, I think that is the right date(?). Walk out from wherever you are and shut this circus down. Turn everything off at home, don’t drive you car. Shut it down. Just like guns and violence, enough is enough.


We are approaching a global crisis. 7.7 billion breathing, eating, shitting humans on planet earth, a short supply of clean potable water all over the world, warming and dying oceans littered with plastics, insect pollinators facing extinction, deforestation programs to make room for more range maggots and yet, most governments are unwilling or uncaring to give a damn.


Denial of global warming is an act of war. The ruling class want this devastation to occur. They’ll retreat to reclusive sustainable estates while the world burns yet continue collecting profits from armament, munitions and weapons manufacture, sales and oil supplies to eradicate people of color and the poor. Trump is the Hitler or our time planning World War III his base of fanatics will call Armageddon.

Some text from Bachelet’s statement:

This Council has recognised that “human rights obligations, standards and principles have the potential to inform and strengthen international, regional and national policymaking in the area of climate change, promoting policy coherence, legitimacy and sustainable outcomes".

We need to act on that powerful statement. We need strong national commitments for action, with an emphasis on participation by environmental human rights defenders, indigenous peoples, and civil society groups representing the communities that are most at risk – as well as support from business actors, cities and other active stakeholders.

Kinda lets the air out of my balloon when I hear that word stakeholders. I picture the fossil fuel predators, armed with their stakes, preventing our exit from the global greenhouse gas chamber. Bachelet has much to say, but she cannot name the enemy. That’s not enough, anymore.


Maybe they think they will, but they’re bonkers, buddy! Elon Musk thinks he’ll survive the cosmic radiation exposure from flying off to Mars and building condos there. What does it really matter what crazy people think, I mean, in detail? Craziness chaotically spawns endless boring variations.

In actuality, every last one of the bastards will be stuck here on this lousy planet. Someone tried building their own private planet, on top of this one, a couple of times. Look up “fiasco” in the dictionary, you’ll see a photograph of Biosphere 2.


Don’t worry joe Biden says we can do a couple of small things before 2040 and not touch corporate fossil fuel profits or stop fracking or anything cause you he and Obama had that all of the above strategy that worked so well. Right after he collected that big check from the LNG gas company. LOL


Our way of life is the cause not only of the global warming now occurring, but also our various social problems. Unless our way of life gets changed, and soon, we’ll likely go extinct. This paper suggests a way of changing our way of life: https://www.academia.edu/39328067/A_Road_to_Survival_1 The likelihood that CHANGES will be made in our way of life is close to ZERO!!


Even after the window closes there will be time to ‘act’, but the question - then and now - is how?
So far, we seem to be seeing more and more problematic behavior as the social construct comes unglued along with the biosphere.


Climate change is a global emergency caused by out-of-control human population growth that inherently leads to revving up of the petro-techno-industrial grid that provides the basics to every new human.
Unless we shut off the babymaking along with industrial grid machinery, we’ll kill the entire biosphere within this century.
Read Derrick Jensen’s book “Endgame.”

My strategy is plug-in hybrid EVs matched to rooftop solar. Modern transit EVs. Neighborhoods becoming something other than car-dependent suburban subdivision housing compounds. Less driving, less flying, less trucking and shipping goods around the world. What’s your strategy? Bend all the way over and kiss your butt good bye?

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They’ll retreat to guarded rural farmland estates, armed to the teeth.
They expect urban dwellers to kill each other for dwindling resources.

I’m going with that last one.

As far as less flying, get real. Notice the increases for India and China:

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And our antibiotics are failing.

My strategy is to define what needs to be done. I don’t pay heed to corporate predictions nor to skeptics who say it’s impossible or too late. What needs to be done can be simply defined though not simply carried out. I’m not saying all air travel must cease, nor must all shipping and trucking and driving. Air travel however is mostly luxury that will be sharply curtailed one way or the other. Shipping and trucking must decrease and in their place local, regional and national economies replace most of the global economy with shorter distances for transport to reduce fuel consumption. Driving too is largely a waste. A better future can be built driving less.

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You and I agree that fossil-fuel powered transportation will be curtailed.

But by then it’ll be too late. It already is.


Bingo. “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”…Charles Darwin

Seeing the homeless filth and poverty that exists in many California towns who’s citizens feast on water pollution, toxic and shitty food and lousy air, these are the ones and their children that may survive from continued exposure to pathogens and their vectors. Viruses, parasites, bacteria and their invertebrate host are the “most adaptable to change”. Anyone for cannibalism?

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I don’t think you are right…but I do suspect we have to stop waiting for those on the top to tell us how to change our way of life…instead, we have to change it. And we can’t do that alone…we have to band together, put our heads and hearts together, and decide what we can do…in our local places, where we are.

It is scary times; but not the end times. Not yet…but perhaps soon, if we do nothing.

To “curtail” is defined as to reduce in quantity. I don’t call for 100% elimination of fossil fuel use as do most of the GND proposals. Plug-in hybrid EVs have more potential to ‘reduce’ fuel/energy consumption than do all-battery EVs. It’s counter-intuitive, but I try to make a convincing case to be a fact. I’m also not a fatalist. I haven’t concluded there’s no chance of turning the ship around despite corporate idiots at the wheel shouting “full speed ahead!”

I vaugely remember reading about that stupid experiment. I was just thinking about oxygen when i got to the part that said it failed cos of low oxygen/food levels. Why can some people not accept “this is it”. And implement ways of sustaiining our habitat instead of decimating it?