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'World Has Never Seen a Threat to Human Rights of This Scope,' UN Rights Chief Says of Climate Emergency

At least Biosphere 2 critically examined the possibility of building a self-contained ecosystem in a bubble on the surface of the Earth (a scenario so many assume would be no problemo). As the atmosphere inside the bubble got more and more awful, the zeal of the true believers declined markedly, until there wound up being nothing left of it but lame marketing, like the ironic fun of watching the worst movie ever made. Everybody wound up absolutely hating everybody else.

And that’s only on the macro-biological end. The really tough nut to crack was getting any experimental cooperation from the bacteria in the bubble. Humans turn out to be spectacularly inept masters of the biological universe, even a tiny test-universe.

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I wonder which is the worst movie ever made. Just curious.


Feeling masochistic? Give it a try. Excrutiatingly intolerable. Also the most historically insidious movie, in terms of global consciousness or someday moving beyond settler colonialism. Birth of a Nation (the old KKK one, by DW Griffith) runs a close second.

AND also plant plants and trees and vines everywhere you can, mebbe dropping some seeds in places that are not in your control. Windows, patios, rooftops, lawns. Reduce pavement to minimums and green that up too.

I reject the timelines, the “too late” warnings. Every day is too late, yet every day there is something to be done. Much of the Amazon is permanently gone. Bee species have disappeared. Coral reefs are decimated in some areas… People permanently died in the Bahamas and many more permanent changes are happening constantly.
Just do something and encourage others as well.

Well, you have to admit that so far the corporate idiots are winning.

And you may not pay heed to corporate predictions, but somebody does:

I will look them up. Thanx

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You understand I’m not exactly recommending these execresences! But they may be the two most effective, successful propaganda ventures in history. Woodrow Wilson screened the KKK film at that appropriately-named presidential mansion.

Most of Brazilian Amazon remains wild. The recent fires took out a small fraction of its entirety. Areas along rivers near city and settlements are being developed, but not entirely nor permanently.
The fatalism of saying it’s too late is what republican operatives want you to believe so you’ll give up and feel hopeless. They want you to believe our political parties are equally corrupt to sway the vote in republican favor.

To “curtail” is defined as to reduce in quantity. I don’t call for 100% elimination of fossil fuel use. Plug-in hybrid EVs have more potential to ‘reduce’ fuel/energy consumption than do all-battery EVs. It’s counter-intuitive fact. I haven’t concluded there’s no chance of turning the ship around. Your doom and gloom is exactly how rightwing operatives want you to react to bad news. Whose side are you on? Why hasn’t my claim that hybrid PHEVs have more potential than all-battery BEVs triggered any sort of response? If GM & Ford know hybrids have more potential yet they cancel hybrid PHEVs anyway, shouldn’t that act make them liable for criminal prosecution?