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World Health Organization Determines That Major Herbicide, 2,4-D, May Cause Cancer



I experienced the widespread introduction " of better living through chemicals " in the Midwest during the early and mid sixties in the Farm Belt. We mixed and sprayed DDT, Atrazine, 2,4D; the whole nine yards. This worked paid well when you were a teenager; things were much more labor intensive, too. Our only protection were cheap rubber gloves, hats and work boots.. So many things which seem like good stewardship of the land and promoted by the Feds; like The Food For Peace Program back then, are being ?ed now. At least most of us bugged out before GMO came to play. Funny, the crop yields are not much different now, than from then, but the damage sure is. Cheap food policies are just that, cheap. And very hazardous to the planet and its' people. We desperately need to end weaponizing food production and get back to the idea that you truly get what you pay for. in farming and other things, too.