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World Health Organization Links Red Meat to Cancer - Time to Eat Less and Eat Better


World Health Organization Links Red Meat to Cancer - Time to Eat Less and Eat Better

David Wallinga

Americans' love affair with meat - we already knew - has some supersized impacts on the environment, from its intensive use of water to the enormous carbon footprint, as well as our nutritional health.


I remember when I first moved to this part of Florida that my neighbor, who appeared to be about my age,
slowly withered away with Cancer. I had a distinct feeling that given her German roots, she was a fan of
sausage and such.

Many years prior a friend gave me a book, "What's Wrong With Eating Meat," and having read it, I seldom
went near meat again.

There are the environmental impacts, the horrors of meat processing plants, the chemical and antibiotic
additives, and the cost in the way of decimated forestlands.

This article ought to do "Zen Practice" proud. Meat-eating is his number 1 issue.

Let's hope that all those workers who chomp down their 99-cent hamburger each day at lunch take heed. The obesity epidemic didn't arrive by accident.


"Yet, if history is any guide, expect Big Meat to push back hard on the new IARC classification. It will likely try and raise doubt on the well-considered opinions of nutrition and health experts".
Not only "Big Meat", but the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Medical Establishment, the Insurance Industry and of course our reliable, ever concerned, captured Government-
The CHINA STUDY has been suppressed for years, and tells us that red meat is not the only culprit, dairy is also on Dr. T. Colin Campbell's list- Below is the most comprehensive study ever done on the health effects of Dairy, Meat and good Nutricion-

excerpted from the book
The China Study

The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health
by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., 2006, paperback

"When it comes to health, government is not for the people; it is for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of the people. It is a systemic problem where industry, academia and government combine to determine the health of the country. Industry provides funding for public health reports, and academic leaders with industry ties play key roles in developing them A revolving door exists between government jobs and industry jobs, and government research funding goes to the development of drugs and devices instead of healthy nutrition".

"Contrary to what many believe, cancer is not a natural event. Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent the majority of cancers".

"The behemoth did not take kindly to the idea of a serious connection between diet and cancer or for that matter, virtually any other disease. Big Medicine in America is in the business of treating disease with drugs and surgery after symptoms appear... The American Cancer Society gives almost no credence to the idea that diet is linked to cancer".

"One risk factor is the amount of those free radicals which wreak havoc on brain function in our later years. Because free radical damage is so important to the process of cognitive dysfunction and dementia, researchers believe that consuming dietary antioxidants can shield our brains from this damage. Animal-based foods lack antioxidants shields and tend to activate free radical production
and cell damage, while plant-based foods, with their abundant antioxidants, tend to prevent such damage".

"The only type of research that is funded and recognized is research on drugs. Research on the causes of disease and non interventions simply doesn't occur in medical education settings".




Is that one BIG pork chop or Rib-eye or Prime Rib?


Same experience when I read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle as a teenager.

Recall Upton's "They use everything about the hog except its squeal".


So many excellent comments to this article. What I find so distressing is that an entire generation of people in this country have been taught that a proper meal consists of a large piece of meat and vegetables used as a condiment for the meat. We have no idea of how to cook a tasty meat free meal. Cooking involves large pieces of meat on a grill or under the broiler. There needs to be a big push to educate people how to make meatless meals that the whole family can enjoy.


One wonders how long before processed meat like hot dogs come with a warning label: CONSUME AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Actually I think that saying goes way back before the "Jungle" - to when farmers slaughtered their own pigs -and it is a good thing that nothing goes to waste.