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'World Is Watching' as DAPL Construction Resumes Amid Protests and Lawsuits


'World Is Watching' as DAPL Construction Resumes Amid Protests and Lawsuits

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has resumed construction on the controversial project despite massive protests and legal battles.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) spokesperson Vicki Granado on Thursday confirmed that the company began working on the much-disputed 1.5-mile Lake Oahe section immediately after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers granted the final easement late Wednesday.


Curious to know if the pipeline workers are union? If so, which one(s)? If they are, this is one area (selfishness for their members) that unions have a big problem. This is a time when unions need to thinker bigger than the interests of their own union. Why are they still working on this?


Not difficult to see how a sexual predator of women naturally can be a rapist of Mother Earth. Since the criminal gang that runs the WH and majority in Congress are not impaired in their actions by our protests time we escalate resistance into hitting them economically, withdrawing our money, and start total non cooperation.


Heartbreaking... I know corruption and greed are standard these days. But I still find it incomprehensible that repugs collude in poisoning our water for a few more bucks. Apparently, there's never enough. Sad.


Escalation through non-cooperation, especially economic, has the best chance of working. And in the process create and join in to the alternatives that are where we need to go anyway.


"It's not over," Stephanie Big Eagle, a member of the Yankton Sioux tribe, told the Guardian. "This is my ancestral treaty lands where my people have always been. I have to be out here."
Short of widespread civil disobedience/economic disruption, revolution, impeachment of Trump and removal of Republicans and corporate Dem allies in Congress, it unfortunately looks like this is over. This pipeline should have been protested way back before any of it was built. Waiting until the last minute to protest didn't help the cause. I realize that the tribe vocally opposed the project during meetings with the pipeline company in 2014, but actual on-the-ground protests did not apparently start until last summer. All I am saying is that progressives and their allies need to be much more diligent and "militant" at fighting these kinds of projects and policies from day 1.


How many jobs would be created developing wind, solar, and geothermal energy? Crickets from the establishment.


The No DAPL fight exemplifies this crazy obsession with power and greed among those in the corporate world and in the government. But it's also important to note most of our own complicity by participating in this corporate capitalist economic system. Try to extricate yourselves from it. Divest from FF as much as you can if you invest., Pull money you might have in complicit banks and put in credit unions. Support local businesses instead of the big box stores. It's going to take way more than being in the streets.


Way more than these pipelines. And these are similar types of jobs requiring similar skills.


Sacred Stone Prayer Camp was established in April. The level of racism and brutality by the Morton County Sheriff's Dept, and the court system is not to be believed. Thank you to all who came to our rally last night at Thomas Paine Park, north of Foley Sq. , last night. We had songs, a round dance, a talk by Sioux engineer Steve Martin, and many others spoke. March 6-10 there will be a prayer camp in Washington DC. and here in New York there will be an event. NoDAPL, NoKXL.


I took money out of Chase, and handed over a handwritten letter explaining my opposition to Chase's investments in DAPL, and their consequent condoning and supporting of the militarized police brutality, and the expected poisoning of the drinking water of the Standing Rock Sioux, and 10 million other people living downstream on the Missouri River. I also cancelled a mutual fund at Merrill, that invested in Wells Fargo, Citibank and Spectra Energy. The young man on the phone said I was the first to do so for that reason, and he supported me.


The Wells Fargo boycott/divestment movement is gaining steam. I'll say this,
if the corps of engineers did conduct a sufficient environmental impact statement, then for sure, they know of routes with less impact. Too many decisions seem to be against their own best interests. My sign



One of the largest investors is the California Public Employees Retirement System. You can petition them to divest here.


Stop driving!
It's not good enough to have a "Resist" or "Do No Harm" bumper sticker on one's planet-killing automobile. Prius' are no exception, since production of the vehicle and battery is highly resource and energy-intensive, as well as polluting.


How many climate friendly, jobs? Probably thousands, but not the right kind of jobs for the cock roach brothers and their fossil, fuel villains! But the problem is saying that the DAPL creates jobs is a red herring, a half truth, because the construction does create jobs for some, but creates billions of $$$$$ for the fossil fuel industries, which of course, is never mentioned!