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World Leaders Call Upcoming UN Special Session An "Historic Opportunity" to End Failed War on Drugs


World Leaders Call Upcoming UN Special Session An "Historic Opportunity" to End Failed War on Drugs

NEW YORK, NY - A bold public statement was released today by the Global Commission on Drug Policy stating that “an historic opportunity to achieve more humane and effective drug policy is at risk.” The Commission is referring to the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs -- a meeting of all UN member states to evaluate the current state of international drug control.



The "Global Commission on Drug Policy" urges the UN and governments to put “people’s health, safety and human rights first.” but adds "they have been long on rhetoric, but short on substance with no hard solutions.”

This all too common response/MO from "officials" has become reality on most critical issues facing society and the world it seems - long on posturing and empty words but (very) short on action.

The common-denominator is often profits - who will lose from definitive action/reforms and their power/influence to stymie any real solution to benefit millions subverted by the few that profit from continued WOD, usury, exploitation, despoliation, pollution, selling poisonous foods or products, exterminating our critical pollinators, etc, etc.

That our representative government Of, By and (ostensibly) FOR the People has been essentially bought-out by big-money and its corrosive influence cannot be denied - witness the "money equals fee speech" political obscenity and corruption of our democratic processes.......

The profits and advantage for the few has dominated objective thought and reform of many aspects of the WOD for the many - especially re cannabis, recreational, medicinal and industrial.

Ending the criminalization and incarceration of drug users would deny cops the "perps" needed to justify many actions - deny for-profit private prisons "convicts" - allow millions safe effective alternatives to deadly big-pharma poison drugs - end the useful drug cartel-DEA/FBI/BATF interactions and billions in funding or profits - many other profitable/funding/promotion aspects to the WOD would be ended if definitive reforms were made - missing are people of integrity not in thrall to profits from destructive laws/policies.