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World Leaders Denounce Trump's "Reprehensible and Racist" Insult to Haiti and African Countries


World Leaders Denounce Trump's "Reprehensible and Racist" Insult to Haiti and African Countries

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This is not just a story about vulgar language, it's about opening up humanity's worst side."


Why would anybody from Norway want to immigrate to this capitalist shithole?


I would expect Trump to not be able to continue functioning on an international level with any credibility at all after this. Countries of the world function internationally at a far different level than Trump. He is unfit for the role of being internationally involved. Diplomacy is something Trump just doesn’t do.


The reprehensible trump (and Co and family) should be shunned and ostracized by the international community and all people who still possess a functional Moral Compass…it’s been clear for a very long time the orange chimp does not and never has. Let all trumps sympathizers, boot/ass-lickers and lap-dogs be treated to that same old-fashioned shunning as well!


On the other hand, those “shitholes” could now get angry and decide to kick out the Trumpster’s exploitative corporations and regime changers that destroy any democracy to install corporate friendly dictators.

Direct Democracy


It’s abundantly clear that the Republican Party is Racist. The defense of Trump proves it.

History will now record it.


Hey World Leaders, How about instead of “denouncing” Trump’s insults, you all organize and BDS the USA. What’s it going to take for the rest of the world to stand up to the Fourth Reich. Are you all going to wait around while the USA comes for you in the future. Of course this goes for the citizens of the USA as well, but when you realize enough of them voted to put Trump into office I have given up on the citizens in the USA. So world, it’s now up to you.


Citizens of Norway must have been puzzled when Pres. Trump made his vile remark about Haitians, etc., for why on earth would anyone living in Norway want to move to the United States?–a shithole of a country, if ever there was one! (I wrote this before reading the comment by GuildF312S above.)


Republicans tend to be “possessed” by one ideology or another, and tend not to even REALIZE that they are racists! They are PATHETIC people!


My theory is that Gaia started to “realize,” millennia ago, that humans would become a CANCER on Earth System, and put our species on a course that would end in our extinction, along with many other species, unfortunately–and was able to get Trump elected as “our” president as one of its final acts–perhaps THE final act! A CRAZY theory, it’s true–but NOT as crazy as Trump!


In terms of international relations, Trump has already dug himself a deep hole. I think it is already so deep that he will not recover. He has no international credibility left. He is a narcissistic pre Madonna sociopath that will become the most horrific president in American history.


It is going to take “Americans” themselves to start this.


Time to call out these enablers and their horrid GOP:

John Kasich at (614) 466-3555

Tim Scott at (202) 224-6121

James Lankford at (202) 224-5754

Paul Ryan at (202) 225-3031

Mitch McConnell at (202) 224-2541


Your argument does not hold when it comes to indigenous people across this once beautiful world made into a hell by Western capitalists.


Agree. It was white capitalists who made this a shithole.


I am proud to be an American. I am greatly embarrassed by the President. I regret that he was elected. Whatever our politics, most of us do not behave so crudely and insultingly. I can only ask that the world not judge us by this mistake my country made. We are better than this and I hope my countrymen will correct the situation as soon as possible.


Both of my parents were lifelong Republicans raising my brother and I in the late 40’s through the 50’s, and one of the most important lessons we were taught was to respect everybody regardless of the color of their skin.

If we ever showed any disrespect towards people of color or used any racial slurs, we would face getting rapped or getting our mouth soaped. Needless to say, we never went down those paths.

There was “no” racism in our family.


Trump tells it as the others only say behind closed doors. Remember, Nixon stated that the laws on drugs were to incarcerate blacks preferentially.

What Trump said about Haiti and Africa, Hillary DID to Africa and Haiti. The US has long called the countries of Central and South America banana republics for a reason and it isn’t nice.

Trump is just loud enough that he is giving some other countries the clout to replace the US. I hear thunder and earthquakes in the political sphere.


Just how crass, how cynical, repellant and contemptible do Trump and our
Kept Congress have to be, before the real citizens and creators of actual
decency and value down in the communities wake up in their millions to
force a shuddering halt to the plutocracy ravaging what’s left of the dream
of democracy and the social contract? What will it take? Just how awful
and deadly does it have to get?!


I left Amerikkka 26 years ago and have lived in or visited several of the Tangerine Troglodyte’s shithole countries. The welcoming people residing in them are much preferred to the privileged people who would tolerate a system that elevates someone like this disgusting, bipedal pig to be their president. Leader of the free world my ass.