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World Leaders Denounce Trump's "Reprehensible and Racist" Insult to Haiti and African Countries

And now the whining begins. All representatives of the shthole countries who obviously know nothing about the people in the shthole countries they supposedly represent…start your rebuttals of sh*tty butt-hurt-ness.

By his racism and stupidity (among other pathologies) the ginger chimp has sabotaged US interests and economic activity (even if most is likely destructive and exploitation) and driven African nations straight into the waiting, now very happy arms of China and its economic and natural resource exploitation in Africa - trump is such a fuckin idiot moron who daily/hourly violates the basic old adage: “be sure to engage brain before putting mouth in gear” - of course his brain is clearly defective and his extremely-narrow “experience” is that of a spoiled child…

Idiot…you joined CD to post this drivel?

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There is something seriously wrong with Trump supporters on his latest diatribe about “THOSE OTHERS”. Ken Blackwell was just on MSNBC defending the president with “nobody is perfect”. Where does this guy live, in the community landfill? We aren’t talking about a homeless old guy under a highway bridge…

YES! Hypocrisy when you think of the one and the same Trump supporters during Obama’s two terms in office. Summary, Trump can do nothing wrong, but Obama couldn’t do anything right. Trump is their backlash against Obama. Trump is not only racist, he is a white supremacist.

My bet is Trump’s racism will only endear him more with his base and baser than base voters. The mainstream Republicans on the other hand need to go into the damage control mode of operation because of the 2018 and 2020 elections. Trump will get a richly deserved backlash in both elections and if the other Republicans want to stay elected they better start distancing themselves from him.

To all of you prone to defend this president’s comments by pointing to all the gaffs of past presidential behavior, you don’t clean up a horse stall by shoveling more manure into it.

All Presidents have on occasion done something wrong. Trump does something extremely wrong almost every day. You just finish reading about it, and he does something else just as bad or worse.The world once again laughs at, or condemns the United States because of this moron. When will enough be enough.

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Rich people from Norway would love to come here. They can better exploit the little guy, and get a great tax break.

You maybe correct about some of the Republicans, but their are also some who realize the racism that exists, and they fully approve of it.

Trump is crude, but he is saying things that need to be said, and others don’t have the courage to say.
There indeed is a big difference between immigrants, and statistically speaking America would be much better off letting in a million educated, healthy, and vetted for criminal background legal immigrants from India, China, Korea, and other non-Muslim Asian countries, and from Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, then from El Salvador, Haiti, Pakistan, Syria, or Iraq.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of highest quality people in every country. But overall statistically speaking it is not smart for America to let in people who are much more likely to be a burned on the society, more likely to be criminal, and in case of Muslims more likely to be terrorist.

We need to wake up to the fact that we live in statistical reality. We cannot individually evaluate every immigrant. Certainly not an illegal immigrant. So we need to make statistically wise choices. And Trump is right, there is a big difference between El Salvador and Pakistan on one hand, and Switzerland and Hong Kong on the other.


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Mike, do you mean pre Madonna (as in the singer), or do you mean prima donna?