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World Leaders Urged to 'Stand Up for Democracy' and Refuse to Meet With Pompeo After He Denies Election Outcome

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/11/world-leaders-urged-stand-democracy-and-refuse-meet-pompeo-after-he-denies-election


Secretary of Hate Mike Pompeo’s days are numbered.

And he knows it.


And now we ask for help from those nations which recognize the USas a sovereign state.

Please deny meeting with me Pompeo since he will not accept the state regulation of this country. Ja ja ja


It’s interesting how some of the rats aren’t jumping ship, choosing instead to go down with the ship in the full extremism of their vulgarities; seemingly unaware of the absurdity of it all.


Pompous is just playing from the Hitler song book. Don’t piss off the boss, OR ELSE.


OK, but it is important not to fall prey to misinterpretation by failing to read Pompeo correctly. Pompeo was pompously smirking with evident disdain when he referred to the transition to a second Trump term. Anyone on the right, and anyone who knows Pompeo’s style, is going to see this right away and interpret this as an in-your-face expression of confidence in the rightness of the election-fraud claim, designed to promote a reaction, like Trump referring to a third term.

What we need to bear in mind is the way that these proto-fascists use ambiguity — just like this – to test the waters and to create wiggle room. When they want to float an antidemocratic idea, they first put it out there as an outright joke. Then they put it out there with some ambiguity, or attribute it to someone else (people are saying that …). Each time, they gauge the reaction to see (1) who is on their side and who is against them, and (2) how much they can get away with.


Yup. How many times did Drumpf “swear” he’d not claim victory on election night…

Only to do just that.


Having read of world leaders’ feckless reaction to Hitler as he incrementally showed his true intentions, annexed other countries, and started the Holocaust project, I have no faith in today’s leaders.
If Trudeau, Macron, Johnson, Merkel, Ardern, faux Leftist Lopez Obrador, and other leaders had any courage, they’d have long ago publicly denounced Trump and made speeches at the UN calling for the USA to be labeled a rogue terrorist state with a god damned new Fuhrer at its helm.
The world should put sanctions on USA citizens, to starve us of food, medicine, trade, just like our imperialist bully of a country has done to Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc., to force us to rise up and get rid of Trump and the GOP.
Other countries should send covert teams in to remove Trump and his gang, just as the USA has done to remove “terrorists, dictators and tyrants” in other countries.
At this point, I’d say that Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Trump are all in the same category of country leaders who deserve listing as international criminals.
I’d even go so far as to enjoy seeing a fugitive Trump found trembling and starving in a hidey-hole in the ground, or otherwise flushed out and dispatched…as was done to Saddam and Gaddafi.
Or, he should end up like Mussolini and his girlfriend, or Adolf and Eva, ended up.


Mr. Pompeo’s claim to a second term is the opening move in an illegal coup. The kind of thing that he has directly engaged in against many small countries South of our border, spreading poverty, malnutrition and death to millions of disenfranchised victims.

Three cheers for Mr.Sippel. Let’s hope the seven countries which Pompeo was planning to visit follow his recommendation and leave the vile creature standing at their airport.


Got a lol from me imagining Drumpf in a hidey-hole.


Let’s be candid. It is inaccurate to say that the U.S. is not a dictatorship. It is not a dictatorship in the usual sense, but the usual sense is outmoded. The U.S. is a dictatorship of transnational capital. All key decisions in Washington, DC are made with the goal of enhancing corporate profit and power. The government in DC is not a government of or by the U.S. people. It is a government of and by giant predatory transnational corporations.

The U.S. is just as much of a dictatorship as Italy under Mussolini. The needs of the people are ignored and neglected.


The US has never been a democracy. Or a republic, for that matter. It’s an oligarchy, run by the Big Dogs who own property and now run multi-national corporations. I can think of several outcomes, none of them good. The last thing these vulture capitalists want is a functioning democracy that offers a safety net for its citizens, good health care and education, unions, and progressive taxation to fund this. If they can take down the US’s Potemkin village publically for all the world to see, they will take down Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries, Germany, and France as fast as possible. The neocons are plotzing all over themselves right now.
Our enemies are doing the same. Russia. China. Putin is probably even now planning military moves in the Baltic area and to invade the Ukraine. China is looking to invade the disputed area with India and is good to go to finally take out Hong Kong and Taiwan. Why? Well, the US allowed a fascist dictator and his fellow plotters to take over after they planned this for a half century. Follow the oily footprints of Koch Brothers, the DeVos clan, and all their friends.
Today is Veteran’s Day. I’m sure the spirits of our warrior family members who fought and died, thinking they were defending their country are not happy right now.
A house divided cannot stand. Trump, the GOP, the neocons are counting on the rest of us to just cave in. But will the rest of the world???


Thank you, and I just want you to know, weebles are rare and endangered, and very wobbly, due to their evolutionary biology.
But yet, they never tip over!!!
I love the tumbling weebles the most.

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Pompeo is about to learn what Trump can’t come to grips with— he’s irrelevant


Pompeo is not unique in his world view, nor will Biden appoint someone with substantially different sensibilities.

I do not believe they are doing that at all. Instead I think they are a part of an extremist plan to subvert our democratic processes and foment a coup. That may sound paranoid I understand but if you actually ponder this nation’s internal political history for decades you cannot help but see the far right working ,finding failure here and trying it again there, working through defeat and eventual small victories. But never ,ever stopping.

The less the checks and balances worked, the more ineffectual the other party became the stronger this right wing grew. Trump being ousted from the presidency, from which office he never should have held is a minor set back at best. Trump will take to the airwaves, replacing a dying Limbaugh though on a different, and even more extreme network.

Pompeo, Barr , Miller, all of them, will work , will continue to work undermining and sabotaging at every turn. They will be able to do all this, have been able to do all this, because moderates, progressives and far too many leftists think an election indicates work is done , when it actually means work is just beginning.


Me, too! It would take a pretty big caterpillar and a huge backhoe to make a “hidy-hole” he could get into, and it would be visible from space. Would probably look like a meteor strike.


Oh, I agree with much of what you say. I just wasn’t commenting on it. I made a very narrow observation.

I suppose if Juan Guaido recognized Trump as the legitimate president, Pelosi would stand and applaud and it would be so. That’s how it’s done in democracies, don’t you know.


Any world leader who is willing to meet with Pompeo or any other Trump regime operative is lending legitimacy to Trump and the GOP’s coup efforts and such “leaders” are repeating Neville Chamberlain’s grave error…appeasing Hitler, that consigned Chamberlain’s legacy to the dust bin of history.