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World on Fire: UN Helpless as Crises Rage in 10 Critical Hot Spots


World on Fire: UN Helpless as Crises Rage in 10 Critical Hot Spots

Thalif Deen, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS - The United Nations is fighting a losing battle against a rash of political and humanitarian crises in 10 of the world’s critical “hot spots.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says even the U.N.’s 193 member states cannot, by themselves, help resolve these widespread conflicts.


Gee, I wonder how many digits Uncle Sam has?


Every one of these Crises can be traced colonialism continued by the CIA and the World bank – this includes climate as industry in its most destructive forms is forced on poor countries by the World Bank (and it’s US armed wing).


He also has his toes. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


This article manages to decontextualize all of the ‘10 crises’ it mentions. Not a word about bombing and regime change, drones and targeted assassinations
And of course, it fails to mention any of the many others that either aren’t in the news today, but will be again tomorrow, or ones that are just totally beneath the Western media’s radar and that’s true irrespective of the ethnicity of the name of the particular writer whose byline appears.


Not a single country, however powerful or resourceful as it may be, including the United States, can do it,” he warned last week.

The United States , the World bank and the IMF , and the desire of the Western nations to control the resources of those third worl Countries through the banking system and Capitalism CAUSED these conflicts.

To even imagine the United States a solution shows just how far out of touch this guy is.

Where the frack was the UN when the USA and the NATO nations launched the war on Libya? Why on Earth did its security council allow it? Which of the countries in conflict that are listed did not have the hand of the CIA and the US and allied Militaries behind it?


People who comment on here would save a lot of time and energy if you would just cut and paste this, “Everything that happens is the fault of the United States, no matter what.”

Nevermind that your own consumer habits cause climate change. Ignore that your desire to have children causes overpopulation. No, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Who bought all those products served up by corporations? And what did it take to maintain those resources? WHO CARES?!!! It’s the fault of the United States.

So how easy that is?

Climate change is disrupting food and water supplies causing massive upheaval, but it’s the FAULT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!

See, it doesn’t require any thinking at all. No personal responsibility involved.

Ignore that every city on the planet now uses the same resources to maintain the same shop and breed society. Highrises, freeways, shopping malls, they have it all.

But it’s the fault of the United States!!! Simple to use and no mess.

It also saves you time so you can use your corporate made, oil based computer for other things, like SHOPPING!!!


Look carefully at any of those crisis spots and you’ll recognize the same irresponsible breed and shop mentality that pervades modern society.

Your obsession with the United States ignores the fact that you would not be using this computer system if a vast network of global resources and resource protection did not exist.

But hey, that requires thinking and education. Just keep breeding and shopping and blaming the United States for everything, and it will all work out just fine.

Does the United States provide the military force needed to keep resources flowing? Yes of course. But who uses those resources?

Well, take a look in the mirror. Or maybe you can just see the reflection of your face in your computer screen.


And who bought those products? Maybe you can see your reflection in your computer screen.


Oh please. Grow up. Who bought those products?

Go onto Google Street Maps and choose any twenty cities in the world at random. They all have the same stuff. Freeways, skyscrapers, high rise apartment, shopping malls, all of it.

Your obsession with the United States ignores the reality of 2015.

Climate change is causing this massive upheaval, made worse by total ignorance of overpopulation.

If you breed and shop, you’re part of the problem.


Climate change, resource depletion and overpopulation cause these problems.

If you breed and shop then you’re causing the problem.

Obsessing over this “West” you mention is outdated and plainly ignorant of the fact that every city in the world uses the same resources to maintain the same infrastructures.

It’s a fight to the finish.

But hey, just keep having kids and staring at your computer. It will all work out fine as long as you can blame the United States for all of your problems.


Oh get a grip. Your argument a straw man suggesting that unless the USA commits these crimes against the people of the world we would not have computers.

That about the stupidest line of reasoning I have yet to hear.

It is not required that wars be waged and peoples blown up at wedding parties for a person a world away to have a radio to listen too .

You are little more then an apologist for thuggery and murder trying to suggest that everyone to blame so there no one to blame.

This akin to suggesting we all complicit when a cop beats to death a poor person because we somehow are to blame for that person being poor. It is the cop kicking that person to death because it was his choice.

Same too with the governments of the world that resort to thuggery and murder in these countries. My using a computer hardly suggest I have approved of it


Excellent rebuttal !


Sorry Bonki, but Lockheed, GE, Boeing, Ratheon, and other government contractor weapons manufacturer stock holders and employees need money. The US based MIC’s are addicted to blood of humans, millions and tens of millions of humans


Sounds like you’ve been infected with the teabag psychopathy.


Yes, all these awful things are caused by the United States and their controllers in Israel and the banks—but that does not make it the fault of the American people. The people of this nation have ABSOLUTELY no way to modify or change the evil actions of our corrupt government. What we must do is change the government.

Do not vote for anyone in office now. Do not vote for anyone who is a Democrat or a Republican. These two political parties are working to increase the power and wealth of 1% of the most wealthy people and corporations in our nation…

Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” It is our duty to do something to change things in our society politically, economically and culturally. The purpose of life is not to get rich—but to be a good person and care for others and our planet.


The UN is clearly unable to prevent wars from happening - as such it’s been a failure from the word go. So was the League of Nations, also set up as a means of stopping wars.
Let’s be clear about this: wars are inevitable so long as we have a worldwide system of production for profit.
This capitalist system is a system based on competition, after all. That means not just competition between the different shops in those ubiquitous shopping malls and out-of-town shopping centres. There is competition internationally for control of key raw materials and mineral resources, so you have Esso and Shell and BP etc. fighting to try to be dominant in different parts of the globe. And governments do their best to protect their interests. Which helps explain why nearly all the countries on that UN list are ones with some oil or gas or rare earths etc. Either that, or they are important in terms of key trade routes (e.g. Suez, Panama etc.)
Of course, no politician declares this is the real reason for bombing etc. They usually dress it up with lofty high-falutin’ rhetoric about “defending freedom and civilisation” .
But you cannot defend democracy by killing people, and the result of bombing and shelling the Middle East has put even the ruins of past civilisations at risk.
Moreover, for those who had hopes of getting the nuclear arms problem sorted by international treaties, the fact is that the US has been using nuclear weaponry - Depleted Uranium projectiles - in Iraq for quite a while, and is such quantities as to show up in the health statistics. As with Agent Orange, the consequences will be felt by the young and by future generations. Radiation and its effects do not discriminate: like the 19th C cholera in London, such problems will affect all of our descendants. Unlike cholera, there is no easy quick fix.
But one thing we can do. We can and should recognize that this crazy, psychopathic, competitive and warlike system,
which exploits us in the interests of a tiny parasitical minority, is simply not in our interests. And we should organise to establish a decent, cooperative society, worldwide - one based on common ownership by the whole community.
That is feasible and do-able, since after all “we are many, they are few” !
Blue skies, all.